How to measure the temperature of the newborn?

When the light appears the baby, his body is very sensitive to temperature changes, and this extends to three months.She tends to be constantly changing in response to changes in the weather, even in the street.It is therefore necessary to monitor the condition of the newborn.If you thought that the crumb is hot, use a thermometer.

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Many young mothers, giving birth to first child, do not know how to measure the temperature of the newborn.Let's face it.Modern pharmacies sells a variety of devices to measure body temperature, designed specifically for kids.This conventional mercury thermometers, and electronic battery-powered, and even in the form of nipples for very young children.Most parents choose, of course, the usual electronic thermometers.They are easy to use and completely safe for children.Thus, measurements can be made in several ways: in your mouth kid in the rectum, under his arm.Easy to use electronic thermometer.If you have chosen to measure under your arm, you will need to undress the baby.This is to ensure that the thermometer in contact with the skin of the child, not his clothes.Then put it in the baby's armpit and, holding the handle, wait until you hear the sound while saying that the result was obtained.

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Normal temperature

And how do you know what the temperature of the newborn is the norm?When the child was born and is still in the maternity ward, pediatric indicators measured twice a day: early in the morning (around 6:00) and in the evening before bedtime.Seeing the value on the thermometer 37 ° C, mothers start asking a bunch of questions, if not raise panic.However, the good doctors soothe young mothers, claiming that this is the usual temperature of the newborn, the rate of which is considered to 37,3 ° C.Keep in mind that each child individual characteristics of the organism.Therefore, the normal temperature for different kids can be different.Better and more accurate all you need to measure it when the child is alone.After the baby is bathed or eaten, figures may be higher, and it scares parents, but is considered normal.Why is it so?Up to half a year the optimum temperature for the newborn in the armpits - is +37 ... + 37,3 ° C.But after six months, the rate of +37 ° C.In rotike little man it may be greater than 0.3-0.5 degrees and reach almost 38 ° C and above in the rectum to 0,5-1 ° C.

How to measure the temperature of the newborn?

Consider another quite friendly option.To measure the temperature in the mouth, gently place the tip of the thermometer in the child's mouth under the tongue.Ideal - if the baby will breathe nose, not your mouth.It is also necessary to pull out the thermometer after the beep sounds.Make sure that the baby is not hovering, otherwise it may damage the oral mucosa itself.

Another option (heavier in the performance)

following way to measure scares some moms and dads.And they often ask their pediatricians treating as a newborn to measure the temperature in the rectum.This method gives more accurate results.Before repeating this, lubricate the tip of the thermometer with petroleum jelly or a special baby oil.Turn the newborn on its side, be sure to make sure that the baby was quiet, otherwise you will get the wrong results.Very gently insert the thermometer into the anus of 1.5-2 cm and hold it until the beep.

If the baby is crying and ducks, in any case, do not try to make.Once the crumb fall asleep, try again.In order not to torture the child by such manipulations, the temperature can be measured in the crook of the elbow or knee.This is done in the same way as in the armpit.If the result is higher than 38 ° C, immediately call your doctor or "fast".Be sure to let safe for infants antipyretic.At high temperatures in very young children can begin cramps, so do not shoot down the heat by means of wiping with vinegar, cool water or alcohol, better wait for the coming "first aid".Qualified doctor listen to bronchi and lungs for the presence of wheezing baby, take all necessary measures in order to help your child.If need be, they are sure to offer you admission to more accurately survey.Do not ignore the advice of doctors, it affects the health of your child.

small conclusion

In an extreme case (if necessary), contact your pediatrician, he will tell you exactly how to measure the temperature of the newborn in the right way.Protect your children dress warmly in cold weather, but not much of Kuta, do not create drafts at home to avoid cold-related diseases.