Commenting System disqus.

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Disqus commenting system is already available on thousands of sites and is popular because of its advantages.

The first thing that should be noted in Disqus - a pleasant and friendly appearance, does not require additional configuration.Once installed, the system can start to use.In Disqus is very user-friendly interface, which is very important for users - first of all they are paying attention on this detail.

disqus achieved in cooperation with the social networks with which anyone can comment on the record without a long registration and additional entry.To post comments you can also log in through his page on the social network, but the system has an ordinary way of commenting.

to connect the system to Disqus site on Wordpress should register in the system, then you can work with the control panel, through which the connection to the Disqus site.When registering you will be prompted to enter your login and password to create an account.

Disqus also set for a site on Wordpress may be using a special plug-in.Settings plugin allows you to import all comments into the new system in just one click.

Disqus also connect to the site is possible without the help of plug-ins, this should be simple to use software, which is available on the Internet and on the site Disqus.Learn about other comment systems, as well as many other interesting details about the content of the blog site can be

System Setup commenting versatile and intuitive, so the user does not cause complexity.To configure or use admin panel Wordpress, or the main site.Settings panel offers very easy: you have to go to the admin panel, then click on the tab "Comments Disqus», enter the required data and go to the section settings (Settings).

In the beginning, it is recommended to install the interface in Russian, this list Language selects Rusian.Then you can move on to the section moderation of comments, I adjust the resolution or to reject the application to the comments, as well as add to the site of new administrators or moderators, specifying their E-mail Online Disqus.Then you can move on to other options, system setup.