Replacing the timing belt 2110 16 valves.

Replace timing belt VAZ-2110, 16 valves, or the 8, produced by the same scheme.The only difference is that in the former case the two rollers and the belt is slightly longer.In essence, the engine may be identical, and the number of valves per cylinder varies.What can we say, eight motor liked motorists and producer himself.And so it was good that put him in dozens, and in models of 2113-2115, and even modern "Lada Granta" go off the assembly line with the same exact engine.Persistence - this is certainly a sign of excellence.But there are advantages - almost all of the elements are interchangeable.

Belt: features

Drivers "ten" with the 16-valve engine love and "hate" their cars at a time.The reason is simple enough - though the old design as a whole, it contains a sufficient number of details that make it unique and more modern.And like some 16-tiklapannye motors the broken belt to deteriorate.The valves are easy to bend, sometimes even destroying the cylinder head.But this is, fortunately, not all engines.Some put the pistons with special grooves - sanding.In this case, replacement of the timing belt VAZ-2110, if the engine 16 valves and pistons have recesses, can be carried out even after the break.No impact from the cliff will not.

This unique niches for plates of valves.When the belt breaks, the valves all fall down.Pistons also continue to move (imagine if it happened at a speed exceeding 90 km / h).Due to these niches there is no unexpected meeting with the piston valve, the fate of their guards.But more modern, upgraded engines, not only are not afraid to break, but still have a comparatively high share.What can we say, in the cars, "Lada Priora" wider belt twice, and his life (according to the manufacturer) is about 200 thousand kilometers.

it difficult to carry out a replacement?

If you are faced with the replacement of the timing belt on the 8th miklapannom engine, the skills you have in this business there.So you no matter what the engine to service.Yes, the belt 16 tiklapannoy dozens longer and roll as much as two!So what?We must not forget that the mark has become something more than just one.But lost in the three labels is very difficult, and sometimes impossible.

course, the replacement of the timing belt, 16 valves if the engine requires great precision.If the camshafts are rotated out of sync, the valves can be opened and closed in a timely manner.Consequently, there will be a violation of the motor cycles.But if you pay attention to the 8-miklapannye motors, then they occur such changes.Strongly do not worry, you can make the substitution, the more it is ten, which is a very simple device.

What's changed with the belt?

As already mentioned, mandatory replacement of rollers.Two of them in the drive - one is for the belt, and the second to hold it and prevent slippage from pulleys.Origin (tension) is located on the axis in the form of an eccentric.By rotating the outer part is shifted, thereby conducting a belt tension.Both the first and second roller timing belt should be changed.Since in the case of jamming there is excessive wear of the belt or at all of its breakage.Sometimes replacing the timing belt VAZ-2110, 16 valve engine if it does not help, because the cylinder head may be destroyed.

Now pay attention to the life of the belt.If the machine does not have five years (which is important only for the unique "dozens" under the brand "Bogdan"), the replacement of the belt is made every 55-60 thousand. Km.But if the car is older than five years, it is better to reduce the frequency of 15-20 thousand kilometers.Large wear all systems and units of the car lets you know about yourself, because this resource is such a "gentle" belt decreases.And here at the pump life about 90 thousand.It can be concluded that every second replacement timing is necessary to put a new pump.And still need to pay attention to antifreeze - it has a lot of additives that are later run 80-100 thousand evaporate.

Preparing for replacement

On VAZ-2110 repair should be carried out on the right side of the machine.And the need to remove the wheel to get to the crankshaft pulley.But first from under the hood, remove the alternator belt and guard that covers the slot timing.It is that you do not need.Then pick up the right side and remove the wheel.Look at the pulley and wondered how to keep it from turning?I do not have anything to pledge!Since this procedure is done on gasoline engines, do not get to spend with the injector.Alternator drive pulley has teeth that are required for the crankshaft position sensor.And if you compromise the integrity of the pulley, the engine will not be able to operate normally.

How to keep crankshaft from turning?

But to change the timing belt is very difficult without helpers.To keep from turning the crankshaft, you can use two ways.First, the most safe and humane, is that one person is sitting in the cabin.He has to forcefully push the brake pedal.It is necessary to include a fifth speed.Only in this case the crankshaft can be prevented from turning.The second method also requires an assistant, it is necessary in the viewing window clutch set flathead screwdriver.And so that it rested in the space between the teeth of the flywheel.Needless to say, a screwdriver should be solid, small not suitable for such a purpose.That's all, when the bolt is loosened on the crankshaft and alternator pulley is removed, it is possible to dismantle the old timing belt, rollers, so to carry out the installation of new elements.In other words, the replacement of the timing belt VAZ-2110, 16 valves or 8, held on the same type of scheme, the general requirements are the same.

installation marks

Do not think that you can just take off and put the belt.In any case, you need to check the coincidence of labels on all pulleys.First, before installing a new belt, put both camshafts properly on labels, which are on the surface.Secondly, rotate the crankshaft until until no match marks on the pulley by the oil pump.Third, for a more accurate setting, perform the installation of the crankshaft so that the label that is located on the flywheel was in front of the viewing window clutch.Only after this you need to put on the belt and pull it.After installation, be sure to rotate the crankshaft through 360 degrees and check whether all the same label?Just like in the VAZ-2110 repair occurs.And it does not matter how many valves in the engine.