Why dream of a bug?

These insects are most people do not like in real life.As a rule, they are eager to get rid of.And what a dream bug?Most of the authors of the various sources of the interpretation of dreams tend to think of such a symbol unkind that promises trouble, trouble, and even disease.In particular, it offers us such interpretations first taken to study the source stating that the sign foreshadows the dreamer's all sorts of trouble.

Female dream book recommends insect pressure during sleep

In this book, the question "had a bug - what would be" disappointing answers offered.We are talking about diseases and other misfortunes.And if you had a bug is not in the singular, but a lot of them, the consequences can be very severe.However, if pressure during sleep, the fatal outcome can be avoided.In reality illness or other problems will take place without any complications.Why dream of a bug that crawls on the white walls of the house?The same disease, but not very heavy.It was a woman's dream book, and the next source we find something positive.

financial prosperity

Compilers at least two books of dreams to a question about what the bug dream, meet uniquely in unison: "The money."This statement is contained in the dream book Tsvetkova, as well as in the book of dreams for a birthday.But here we must be careful.That is, if you happen to be born in the autumn months, then get rich.But for those born in the winter, until April, disappointing treatment.In your life you will be a person, which can without exaggeration be called a bloodsucker.

dreamers, who were born in the summer, and should not relax.What bug dream born from May to August?You will chase some trouble, in every way you while bothering.Unpleasant, annoying personality and dream interpretation according to the Canaanite, and the next source tells of the big events.

Well, when an insect crawling on the wall up

The Dream Miller says that the wall should be necessarily white.So what dreams bug crawling up it?In principle, the same can not be good, but the serious consequences can not be afraid.But in general, the authors of this book is considered the symbol of evil.It foreshadows the dreamer's some very unpleasant events.This can be a disease or other adversities.It even says that your family may be subjected to trouble for the reason that your servants inattentive.

sexual perversion with elements of cruelty

easy to guess what the book will be presented next.Of course, that Freud's dream book, in which all insects associated with children.Why dream of a bug in the opinion of its authors?Blood-sucking insects are saying about your dislike of children.Well, if you press the bugs in his sleep, then waking dream about sex with youngsters.Yes, and with sadistic elements.

Good news from the Mayan So called next studied dream interpretation.Why dream of a bug that crawls on the walls?You will probably find the treasure!So promising interpretation we finish the study participant's dreams.We wish you all happiness and a lot of good!