Beautiful and fragrant: What is color?

What flowers?This is one of the most unique and fascinating creatures of nature.Mankind initially admired wild field, mountain, forest flowers, gradually revealing the secrets of nature, nurture new forms and types of these beautiful plants.

Generally, flowers have always been present in human life and in the happy and sad events.Due to its amazing forms and colors fresh flowers are used to decorate various events.This tribute and a sign of respect, and the expression of grief.

What flower plants: a little biology

flowering period is very important for the plant.Flower participates in the formation of seeds or fruit.The scientific definition of what a flower, the following: a body plant propagation.It is in the process of flower pollination.In most cases, this process involves insects, but other methods are possible.The stem ends with leaves of any plant or flower.Each plant has its own scheme of a flower.There is a scientific theory that this body came from escaping.In fact, some species have the shape of a flower, a little reminiscent of blooming petals, such as asters and dahlias.

mainly flowers have a bright color or emit fragrance.In these ways the plants attract insects.It is worth noting that the flavor does not publish petals and nectaries.These are special glands that exude a sweetish and smelling liquid.In the inner part of the flower is the pistil, surrounded by stamens.At the ends of the stamens are "bags", where the pollen ripens.These "bags" are the scientific name of the anthers.At fertilization the pollen enters the pistil and grow into it.So the fruits are formed.

use of colors in perfumery

man over 4000 years ago started to use color to create a first perfume.In Cyprus, in Pyrgos, it was found a workshop with all sorts of devices for the production of aromatic compositions.After analysis, it was found that the perfume composition consisted of needles, almond, myrtle and other plants.In addition, an Arab named Avicenna was also involved in removing the fragrances of flowers.One of his famous inventions - a rose water, which enjoys a certain popularity to this day.

In today's world to create a fragrance used aromatic essential oils or chemical production.Only a limited series are based on natural ingredients.Colors like rose, lavender, jasmine, lily of the valley, narcissus, lily and hyacinth, prevent women from all over the world remain indifferent to perfume fragrances.

Flowers in cooking

addition to the use of colors in order to perfume, mankind has long been used in their cooking.The easiest way to use them - it's all kinds of drinks and teas with flowers.Few people have not tried jasmine tea or lime.Besides, everyone knows jam or jelly rose petals from flowers of calendula with raspberries.If we turn to classical literature, the Ray Bradbury in his writings mentions dandelion wine.It has an unusual flavor and bright yellow color.

addition, cooking flowers are used for cooking meat or fish, added to salads and desserts are a great decoration of confectionery products.The names of these colors on everyone's lips: it daisies, pansies, violets, nasturtiums and other plants familiar to Russians.

Application flowers medicine

flowers of some plants have medicinal properties.For example, everyone knows what a marigold flowers.In diseases of the throat effective rinsing with infusion of these.To improve the condition of a cold drink from the help of lime blossom.Flowers Helichrysum (the name speaks for itself) all unique, they can help in diseases such as cholecystitis, hepatitis, hypertension.In addition, they possess choleretic properties.Modern medicine, despite the abundance of drugs, often refers to the "flower pharmacy."

Also, since ancient times the flowers of some plants used as poisons.If we look at history, we can see that these properties of colors helped to change the history of more than one state.

What colors predators

Not all natural creations are harmless.There is a certain group of plants, predators.Most of this type of plant grows on the African continent, but some species are found in Russia.In carnivorous flowers bright color signals of danger.

Typically, plant-predator has a flower that exudes aroma attractive to insects.And as soon as the insect sits on a flower, it closes a bud or an insect gets stuck there, unable to escape to freedom.In the bowl of flowers of these plants sometimes get and small rodents.The brighter the flower, so it is poisonous or dangerous.

Interesting about colors

In conclusion, a few interesting facts:

  • Some flowers are a symbol of a country.For example, what is the color of roses?This is a national symbol of England, the US and Iran.Mack - a sign of memory of the fallen in the First World War in countries such as the US, France and Britain.
  • Cult colors in Egypt has a time span of 4000 years.
  • Record for speed of growth - a tulip.Its growth per day up to 20 mm.
  • most expensive flower in the world - is a golden orchid, it costs more than 5000 USD
  • Gladiolus - is one of the most ancient plants.Its name derives from the similarity of its flowers with a sword gladiator.