Alternative military service: a way to "hang" or a conscious decision?

Before each young man of military age one raises the question of whether to serve in the army, or all sorts of ways to try to avoid the fulfillment of duty to the Motherland?Alternative service in the army, as many believe, could be one of the solutions to this issue.Is it really?

should understand that such alternative service in the army in fact, and whether it will "hang" from military service.In accordance with the 25.07.2002 the State Duma of the Federal Law "On Alternative Civil Service (ACS On)", this activity is not, in fact, the service in the army.This work, which replaces the military service, the generation of income and output.

Citizens who directed the military commissariats to alternative service, work for a certain time under the labor contract on the state-owned enterprises.Most of all - it's hospitals, nursing homes, social services.In recent years, the work for the "alternative service" and provide cultural institutions: circuses, houses of culture, clubs and theaters.

young man of military age (18 to 27 years), who decided to replace military service with alternative civilian, must apply to the draft board with a statement in which he justifies his desire.The most common cause, the statement said, is to belong to a religious organization or their own moral convictions, which prohibit to take up arms.The decision that a conscript can be directed to the ACS, the draft commission of the military commissariat department receives after passing a national draft board and medical examination.

In the case where a young man is fit for military service without restrictions (in fact healthy), or fit with minor restrictions, the chairman of the commission may decide to replace military service to alternative (taking into account that the application of the recruit is filed on time).If a citizen of military age have the right to delay or recognized partially fit, the question that he needed an alternative military service, no longer relevant.Him or the delay (in school or marital status, or for other reasons), or a decision on admission to the reserve in his state of health.

Do not think that the alternative to military service may be a better option than military service.By law, the term exceeds ACS service in the army almost twice.That is, if a soldier on an appeal will be served in the Army only a year, the "alternative service" shall run for 21 months.Not the best prospect for those who want to avoid military service, is not it?Moreover, wages in those institutions in which conscripts are sent to the ACS for the passage quite small.In addition, the young man sent to alternative civilian service, is not entitled to terminate the contract earlier allotted time.

Thus, alternative military service - not the best option to "hang" of the army.The government has provided a great deal to the law on military duty and military service was performed in reality.And alternative civil service is the only guarantee of citizens' constitutional rights and freedoms, supplementing this law.Take the opportunity to replace military service AGS better to those young people who actually have a certain belief or religion, which is contrary to the performance of military duties.According to statistics, these people are not so much, but they are there, and the plan directions for alternative service is created in each draft campaign.