Sanitation requirements for cooking in preschool

Depending on the time children spend in preschool organized multiplicity of power, asintervals between doses should be eating no more than 3-4 hours.In modern conditions of shortage of places for pre-school children in the municipal nurseries offer a large number of private, family child care and development centers, where there is no possibility to prepare food, fulfilling sanitary requirements for their preparation and storage.

therefore an opportunity to deliver prepared meals to the institution of the insulated container from other kindergartens or catering.In the group room must be equipped with a dining room and pantry, which stores the dishes, there is a washing and distributing the table.Delivered food can be warmed up again and stored in a thermos is limited to 2 hours.

In kindergartens with your Kitchens, sanitary rules and norms SanPiN imposed and storage products, and to their preparation.

Requirements for storage products

Purchase of products must be carried out in the presence of a seller to them special documents confirming the suitability for use.All institutions should be cooling equipment with temperature control that allows you to store meat, dairy products, fish at a temperature no higher than 6 degrees.Prohibited use in cooking rotten vegetables, potatoes landscaped.Sanitation requirements regulate the storage of cereals, flour and pasta on special racks that are 15 cm from the floor and 20 cm from the walls of the vault.

requirements for preparing food

For preschoolers recommended to cook gentle method, ie,cook turned up, bake, stew, steamed or in Ovens.It is not recommended to fry and eat foods in their raw form.

SanPiN norms imposed and cooking technology.For example, meat and fish burgers or fish it is recommended to bake a single piece without browning for 20 minutes in the oven at 250 degrees.Eggs are recommended to boil after boiling for at least 10 minutes, and casseroles to cook only from cooked foods.If souffle, baked or raw egg puree is added, the heat treatment is carried out in the oven for at least 10 minutes at a temperature of 220-280 degrees.Butter before adding to the dish is also recommended heat treated, ieadd it to mashed potatoes or porridge heated in melted form.

Sanitation requirements for the storage of finished dishes

Cooked food can not be stored for more than two hours in a thermos, or more than one hour at the plate, while maintaining a temperature of 65-70 degrees.Fresh-cut herbs should be added to dishes during a hand.When preparing salads cooked vegetables may be stored pre-prepared ingredients refrigerated no more than 6 hours.Salads of fresh vegetables should be stored no more than 2 hours and seasoned with oil - no more than 30 minutes.To fill their sour cream or mayonnaise is not allowed.

Recommendations for catering Group preschoolers

addition to supply drinking regime should be maintained.Sanitation requirements indicate the need for consumption of children during the day boiled boiled or bottled water, which is recommended to be changed every three hours.

child nutrition is organized in groups.During the construction of modern kindergartens must take into account the possibility of designing lifts for the delivery of food in the second and third floors.

compliance with all requirements for the organization SanPin diet of children in kindergarten guarantee the preservation of their health and quality development in line with age.