Liquidation Co., Ltd and its species

Liquidation LLC - is, in fact, the termination of the Company's activities.The reasons for this are varied:

  • court decision.
  • economic problems.
  • initiative owners.
  • disagreements between the founders.

In addition, the cause may be the elimination of numerous fines a variety of violations, and more.In some cases, termination of activities used as a means of accumulated problems.However, some companies are trying to avoid the so-redemption of own debt.

What you should know about the liquidation company?

When done liquidation of the company in Moscow , its details are deleted from the register, while it is removed from the register in the tax.During this procedure you must pay the legal costs.As a rule, the decision to discontinue the Company will only accept the authorized body and founders.In the latter case the liquidation is voluntary, as in the first - compulsory.

Voluntary closure of the company may, for reasons expiry of the period for which the organization was created (if that term was meant to create more), achieve the goal that was set, and deciding on the inappropriate actions in future.Forced closing is caused by crimes against the legislation, bankruptcy, problems with reporting violations of registration rules.

Closing Ltd. can be carried out one way:

  • Voluntary liquidation (official).
  • leadership change or sale of the company.
  • merger, ie the reorganization.
  • closing businesses due to bankruptcy.

All options have their advantages and disadvantages.And you can not determine which of them better than others, and what - is worse.It all depends on the case.And they are known, are very different.Hence, the choice is made depending on the situation.

Assistance in solving legal issues

long process could be a change of the founder, with a number of specific features.There are some restrictions.For example, the share of all participants have to be paid.Standard charter company says that the share can be sold to third parties.If a company - a small business, and its customers - legal entities, in the case of transition to the new owners more than a quarter share of the Company will lose its status of small.About all the features of this process, you can consult a legal center "Aurora", which will help you with the decision of all legal questions.They are ready to conduct all of your business in full compliance with the requirements of the legislation.Please!