Duties of a sales assistant in the shop

Shop assistant - one of the most sought after jobs today.As a rule, employers impose minimum requirements for candidates: a pleasant appearance, sociability, and sometimes stress, responsibility and focus on results.In other words, to become a shop assistant at first glance, everyone can.However, not all so simple.Let us consider the responsibilities sales assistant, and especially his work.

begin with, that the duties of the employee and the requirements for it may vary, depending on the specifics of the shop: household appliances, clothing, footwear, haberdashery, perfumes.As a rule, when it comes to sophisticated technology: cell phones, television and video, washing machines, refrigerators, cars, etc., it is required from applicants specialized secondary and even higher education.The duties of the sales assistant enters the demonstration of complex new products, explanation of the operating principle of a device that is quite difficult to do if the man himself is difficult to understand what is needed and what each button gives any additional function.The buyer may ask to install, repair, configure, and knowledgeable store employee is required to give professional advice.

Share Product so that it wanted to buy, not just list features, properties and characteristics are also the responsibility of the sales assistant.Professional trainers teach trainees "delicious" to describe the technique in terms of advantages and benefits for the consumer and technology of NLP.However, technology - and without initially developed communication skills can not do here.

The responsibilities sales assistant also includes exhibition goods in the window replacement when changing price tags price tag protective magnets, periodic audits.In the absence of stevedores it falls inspection of goods sold (its configuration and performance), warranty card registration.In some networks, the seller is obliged to offer a certificate of additional service and convince the buyer of the need for its purchase.

He must also complete a purchase - write a check or give a statement, to spend cash.If the store held any shares, he must inform the buyer.

The responsibilities sales assistant enters unpacking clothes, ironing, help in fitting.The employee must submit an item to try on, and when the customer leaves, hang everything in its place.

The responsibilities sales assistant interior of cellular communication is to inform the user about the services of mobile operators, the existing tariff plans, as well as the conclusion of an agreement for connection, loan processing, calculation of the buyer at the box office for the purchased goods, replenishment of accounts, including using cards.

small shops Sales obliged to monitor the cleanliness of the store, the purity of the racks and goods instead of cleaners.

Thus, regardless of the place of work, he assumes financial responsibility and must ensure the safety of goods.In the event of conflict it is obliged to try to resolve the dispute on their own most politely and correctly.

Shop assistant must comply with standards adopted by the company: to wear a uniform set, communicate with buyers, using the recommended sentence.

Overall, sales assistant functions may vary, depending on the job.In small stores or departments can further serve as a porter, janitor, loan officer, cashier.In large, usually duties of each employee clearly delineated.