Russian Musical Theatre Petrozavodsk: photos and reviews

Musical Theatre (Petrozavodsk) offers viewers a varied repertoire consisting of performances of musical and theatrical genres, from classical opera to contemporary comedy.

About the theater

Russian musical theater (Petrozavodsk) there since 1955.Premiere of the first performance troupe held November 5th.It was the operetta "Free Wind" Isaac Dunaevsky.Theatre became famous thanks to the ballet "Sampo".Its authors - the composer and choreographer Sinisalo G. Smirnov, as well as the performer of the leading parties in 1987 became laureates of State Prize of Russia to them.Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka.The building that housed the theater, designed by S. Brodsky.It was an outstanding Soviet architect.Columns and statues decorated with musical theater (Petrozavodsk).Photos of the building presented in this article.

In 2006, the reconstruction of the theater.It was completed in 2009.Today, musical theater has the largest stage in the country, and is equipped with the most modern equipment.The auditorium is designed for 607 seats.

Theatre regularly takes part in theater festivals in different cities of Russia and abroad.The ballet "Romeo and Juliet" and "Cinderella" was nominated for the "Golden Mask".Artist Party Mercutio - Vladimir Barnabas - has become the winner in the category "Best Actor".He is currently the youngest tantsovschmikom to receive this award in the history of the award.Lighting designer Alexander Mustonen received the "Golden Mask" as the best artist of light.Ballet "Nutcracker" staged by Musical Theatre Petrozavodsk is one of the best performances of our country.


Musical Theatre of Karelia (Petrozavodsk) - it is a huge company, which has about 200 artists.The ballet company is one of the youngest in the country, its soloists working in a variety of dance genres.In the theater, are graduates of the Academy of Russian Ballet Vaganova, the Perm Ballet School, as well as artists from Japan.The artistic director of the ballet troupe - Honored Artist of the Republic of Karelia Kirill Simonov

Bolshoi Opera - a creative youth, laureates and winners of various competitions, folk and honored artists of Karelia.Voices opera productions of musical theater: Ten owners soprano, four - mezzo-soprano, five tenors, baritone four, two basses.Artists of the choir - a ten sopranos, six violas, seven tenors, seven bass.With musical theater is also working six guest artists.The orchestra consists of sixty talented professional musicians.

Theatre director - Elena Larionov, having the title of Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Karelia.

operatic repertoire

His audience is very wide and varied repertoire of musical theater offers (Petrozavodsk).The poster invites the public to the ballets, operettas, musicals, concerts and dramatic performances.Also in the repertory of opera has the following:

  • «The Magic Flute" (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).
  • «Eugene Onegin" (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky).
  • «Carmen" (Bizet).
  • «Madame Butterfly" (Puccini).
  • «The Queen of Spades" (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky).
  • «The Barber of Seville" (Gioachino Rossini).
  • «La Traviata" (Verdi).
  • «Reed flute."
  • «Three Brothers."

ballet repertoire

Musical Theatre (Petrozavodsk) offers its viewers the following ballets:

  • «Anna Karenina" (Rodion Shchedrin).
  • «Giselle" (Adolphe Adam).
  • «Cinderella" (Sergei Prokofiev).
  • «humpbacked little horse" (Rodion Shchedrin).
  • «Le Corsaire" (Adolphe Adam).
  • «Romeo and Juliet" (Sergei Prokofiev).
  • «Midsummer Night's Dream" (Felix Mendelssohn).
  • «The Nutcracker" (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky).

Other genres

Musical Theatre (Petrozavodsk) drew attention to its audience following the performances in the genres of operetta, musicals and drama:

  • «Buratino.BY" (to music by Alexei Rybnikov).
  • «Next in Kvestlandiyu" (A. Pantykin).
  • «Golden Chicken" (V. Ulanovsky).
  • «Beauty present" (A. Lard).
  • «Mama Cat" (L. Sepulveda).
  • «Frost" (Maksimov).
  • «My Fair Lady" (Frederick Loewe).
  • «Beware of Baba Yaga" (V. Pleshak).
  • «wave of the wand" (M. Bushmelёvoy).
  • «A Glass of Water" (V. Kondrusiewicz).
  • «Mansion" (A. Kulygina).
  • «Black hen" (R. L.).
  • «The Count of Luxembourg" (Franz Lehar).
  • «Die Fledermaus" (Johann Strauss).
  • «Nestaromodnaya history" (a play on the Soviet operettas).
  • «Gypsy Baron" (Imre Kalman).
  • «True Story of Lieutenant Rzhev" (V. Baskin).
  • «Silva" (Imre Kalman).
  • «Babi revolt" (Eugene Ptichkin)
  • «Osage County" (T. Letts).
  • «Bride" (Alexander Ostrovsky).
  • «My wife - a liar" (V. Lukashou and V. Ilyin).
  • «Fruits of Enlightenment" (Leo Tolstoy).

«Wait for me»

Theatre of Music and Drama (Petrozavodsk) annual Victory Day is a program called "Wait for me."It sounded familiar to all of us since childhood war song "Katyusha", "Nightingales", "Ballad of a Soldier," "In the dugout," "Road", "The Accidental Waltz", "Darkie" and others, as well as the poems of poets, soldiers.The audience is always with great warmth and tearfully accept this pre-holiday action.The author of a theatrical concert "Wait for Me" is Elena Leontiev - Honored Worker of Culture of Karelia, as a director acts Snezana Savelyev - Honored Artist of the Republic.Actors on stage create an atmosphere of expectation of victory as it awaited those who fought for it as believed in a happy future, hoping to survive as a loved ... Victory Day dramatized concert will be shown at the theater.On the eve of the holiday company will make a "Route of Victory" and show the program "Wait for me" in several regions of the Republic of Karelia.This kind of a tribute to art troupe of the theater, which in the harsh years of war went to the front with concerts, performed in hospitals and to guerrillas to keep the morale of the defenders of the Motherland.The purpose of the 'Route of Victory "- to remind his compatriots that the Great Victory was forged by common efforts of those who did not spare himself at the front, who worked in the rear, and who inspired the exploits.

Children studio

Musical Theatre (Petrozavodsk) in 2009, opened its doors for the future stars of the ballet.It was open studio for children.It was led by Honored Artist of Russia and Karelia N. Galtsin.Set in a ballet studio on a competitive basis.Here, the children are engaged in two age groups: the preparatory group (children aged 7 to 9 years exploring rhythms with elements of classical dance) and major (10-12 years).Students ballet studio participate in competitions and festivals, as well as go on stage with adult artists and participate in performances.