How to glue the paper wall

How to glue paper wallpaper, really few know.This will be discussed in this article.What is needed in this case to take into account and comply with any rules?

first step - it is necessary to study the characteristics of the product which you like in the store.Usually this is the wallpaper or maybe paper wallpaper for painting?Remember that each roll has a label, which shows specific characteristics: size, thickness, material, and so on. D. Also, for each type of wallpaper fit a certain type of adhesive to be used in the future.Buying rolls should immediately take care of it: it is easier to do in the same store.You on this occasion to advise sellers, and then do not have to look for a suitable glue yourself.

How to glue paper wallpaper

Before gluing required to prepare the work area.Remove old wallpaper so that the entire surface of the walls was clean.Never attach the new to the old.

Paper wallpapers for walls first cut to the same length on the web if they do not have a special pattern that needs to be customized.The length is calculated according to the allowance of 10 to 15 cm - cut remnants better after bonding than subsequently seen that the web is short.If there is a pattern, it must be customized, and should help in this special markup applied by the manufacturer on a roll on the back side.The cut portion is folded on top of each other, but in a small stack, so they are not damaged by friction.

to wallpaper is not behind the walls, it is important to use glue.Each type has its own view of the adhesive.It should adhere strictly to the instructions for use: dilute it in certain proportions to brew the right amount of time and cause a certain layer.Coat with glue need not only to wallpaper but also the wall itself.When gluing it is important to gently press the paper web.From paper adhesive component can swell and the wallpaper will become less strong, so there is a risk of rupture.Air bubbles should squeeze roller, and should move in one direction, e.g., downward.

How to glue paper wallpaper - special expert advice

should start, according to experts, from the top corner.You do not have to do laps or glued back to back to the corner.Suffice it to retreat a short distance from the corner, draw a line with a pencil, using a level, and follow the marked area.Seams should be put back to back to each other.It will be more convenient if wallpapering are two people.One of them will hold the lower edge of the canvas and combined with vertical seam has adhered neighboring leaf wallpaper.

It is important that the glue did not get to the front of the wallpaper.If this happens, you should immediately remove it with a damp warm cloth.When the wallpaper glued to the wall, cut off their excesses of the lineup.It is important to bear in mind that the bottom will be baseboards, wallpaper and have to go for it at least 5 mm.It would be better to remove the baseboard before gluing paper wall.

If there is a wall sockets, switches or other items that can not be removed in advance, the strips are glued directly on top of them.You should not attempt to pre-calculate and cut the wallpaper, or cuttings can not be matched.When you apply the canvas on the wall, then you can gently penetrate those places where there is a socket, and so on.. But it must be done before the glue dries.Because if the outlet protrudes from the wall, the wallpaper because it prilyagut loose and sweep around the edges.When you penetrate a place in the socket, the wallpaper will nestle close to the wall and they can be smooth, drove all the air bubbles.