First Birthday: 5 important ideas

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Recently you became parents, and experienced the most important event in his life - the birth of a child.But time is running out, and that's your baby turns 1 year.An important date in the life of every parent and how to mark it so that the memories of a lifetime?5 We present our ideas.

1. Fotoprezentatsiya

guests saw how your baby spent his first year or two, as it grew and changed, do fotoprezentatsiyu.It can be organized in several ways.For example, photo collage, this take a large drawing paper, write the name of each month and stick them under the relevant pictures baby also comment on what this month has learned the baby, and what were the achievements.

Another great idea - a train of 12 wagons, each symbolizing month of baby's life.Each van also paste photos by month.This surprise will be interesting not only for adult guests, and birthday.

2. Postcards memory

distinguished guests preformed sheets or cardboard.Take finger paints and paint the baby palm, and let it on every piece of paper will leave its mark.Guests can also do this, overleaf.It was such an unusual card for memory, and at the same time to fool around, what else should be crumbs.

3. Birthday cake

cake - is the main character of any event.You can order it or bake yourself.The main thing - be sure to decorate it with a candle, a variant of this candle, fireworks with music.The child will cause a complete delight.And if you have an ordinary candle, then it will certainly blow out with your child and guests.

4. Room Decoration

Another important point - a decoration of the room.Parents, do not be lazy, because in a year or two children, it is important to change the situation around them and everything has become a bright color.First of all, inflate a lot of colored balls.On the chairs for the guests Tie ribbons with bows.You can buy a celebratory firecrackers, fireworks are sure the kid will remember.

5. Games & Entertainment

Calm educational games are great, but the kids at this age need physical activity.Even if they are not quite sure yourself move, you can play and on the mat.For example, a ball game.You gently throw, and the kid tries to catch or roll it across the floor, sitting opposite each other.Another fun game for one year old baby - it bubbles.They feel genuine delight when they manage to catch a ball and burst rainbow.

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