How to put a tile in the bathrooms

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If we talk about how to lay tile, to begin with, it is important to determine the appropriate materials.You can then get to work.It starts with the process of preparation of the walls.The appearance of the resulting coating is entirely dependent on how well you do it at this stage. How to put a tile: prepare the walls

To begin to be removed from the surface of the coating located there before the repairs.In the view of the old stuff may seem reliable enough, but from him it is imperative to get rid of.The walls must be thoroughly cleaned from dust, and then through them to check the level of verticality.If not quite smooth plastered walls of their need.If we talk about how to put the tiles on the bathroom wall, it is important to remember the primer.The primer is designed to fill the pores on the wall surface, thus allowing for better adhesion of the adhesive layer.Ingredients must be moisture-resistant.When all is done Buda, you can proceed directly to the installation.

How to put a tile: the main work

technology in this case is not particularly difficult.The main highlights are in constant control of the vertical and horizontal rows, as well as accuracy.The tile is easier to pack small-sized portions.When planning a beautiful design must be drawn on the wall of a small sector that height is equal to four tiles.On this site, you can easily apply the adhesive composition.You will always need a level to check the evenness of the series in the process of laying tile.It should immediately address the identified deviations from the horizontal or vertical level.In the process of laying between the tiles should be laid out specific crosses, you always get the seams of the same size.

Talking about how to lay tile, it is worth noting that it is inappropriate to use for this purpose mortar, especially if you are not experienced enough in this case.It is best to use a special glue mixture, which can be bought in the hardware store.Usually it is applied to the wall rather than on the tile.This is done using a special notched trowel.The surface should be evenly promazyvat while to make sure that the consistency of glue was normal.On vertical surfaces is to use compounds that are frozen as quickly as possible.

If we talk about how to put the tiles on the floor with his hands, it can be noted that the solution of this problem should not be a difficulty, because here it is important to comply with the same conditions.When installing each new series of tiles must be pressed to the surface, but do not need to make every effort, as you can squeeze glue.Leaked part you want to remove with a sponge until it dried up and hardened composition removed a wooden or plastic spatula.After installation, wait until the glue dries, and then you can start grouting.Usually after work, you can just wash the tiles.