How to expel air from the engine cooling system

There are several reasons due to which the engine after a cold start for a long time warming up.On one of them we will talk in this article.Often the engine cooling system appears an air lock, which prevents the normal operation of the motor and ensures that the engine is overheating.Therefore it is necessary to know how to expel the air from the cooling system.

Preparing to work

Before you start to let the air out of the engine cooling system (ODS), you need to prepare.To do this, put the car on a flat surface for a more comfortable work.Also, before starting to bleed the cooling system, you need to get a tool.As a rule, it requires a Phillips screwdriver, a pair of keys to remove the clamp.

must remember that work is performed on a cold car, so after stopping it takes approximately 10 minutes can not crawl under the hood of the car with the engine zavedёnnym.Remove the expansion tank cap, it can be done by hand.Next, loosen the clamp and lower water pipe.Since it is fed through the coolant to the engine, then you need to be careful not to damage the pipe.Now you can go directly to the removal of the airlock.

How to expel the air from the cooling system

Despite the fact that all the work will go about 10-15 minutes, when it would take for a decent amount, and yet to do it yourself is not difficult.So, the first thing you need to move a little collar.Then, the pipe will go the air, it can be heard hissing.Once the airlock will be removed from the tube will flow coolant (antifreeze), it indicates that it is time to return the clamp in place.

It should be noted that it is appropriate in these tasks carried out to check the entire cooling system for leaks.Now, when the tube is in place, and tighten the clamp, it is necessary to fill the expansion tank to the level of antifreeze max, can be a little less, most importantly, the amount of fluid was more acceptable minimum.Immediately worth checking heater.If normal air circulation and the flow of warm air pockets is not, and you are fully coped with the task.

Bleeding cooling system: Method 2

This method is suitable to owners of cars with engine working volume of 1.6 liters.In all cases, the air accumulates at the highest point, in this case the throttle device.Therefore, it is desirable to remove the airlock from there.To do this, you need to remove the plastic cover, which is located on the engine, and then unscrew the oil fill cap.Then, you must completely remove the cover, it is mounted on special rubber seals.

next step is closing the lid for the Gulf oil.Then find the hose throttle knot.Weakens the clamp and remove it.Thereafter, the wind blows into the tube until until all the air and will pour antifreeze.Then insert the hose back quickly, you need to ensure that there was no air.Test the heater and enjoy the results obtained.Do not forget to put back on the engine cover.

How to avoid the entry of air during the replacement of coolant

So, not everyone knows that in most cases, air pockets are formed directly during the replacement of a cooling liquid.To avoid this, you need to loosen the clamp and disconnect the coolant hose from the union.But this is only in the case if you have a car Injection.In the case of the carburettor, disconnect coolant hose from the carburetor choke.

You can then fill the expansion tank with working fluid.Fill up to the level necessary to max.If not available, it is possible to injection until the coolant reaches the upper edge of the cistern mounting.After that tight-fitting lid.

also need to connect the hoses, which we got to fill in the coolant system.In reverse order to perform the connection, and then start the engine and warmed it up to operating temperature (green field on the sensor).At this time, it turns on the fan.Stop the engine and check the coolant level, if it has fallen a bit, okay, just the liquid was pumped through the system.You just need to top up the coolant.

What should always remember

Many forget about the elementary examinations cooling system defects (leaks).If you regularly look under the hood, the air pockets can be avoided.In addition, to remove air from the cooling system is quite simple, so do not go to the service.Sometimes this can be done as follows.The front wheels of the car to call in on a small hill.In this position, engine speed to 2000-3000 stand a few minutes.Typically, after this plug disappears.But if that does not work, then we use the methods described above.

always need to remember that a clean radiator is a guarantee that the release of air from the cooling system is simply not needed.The same applies to a regular flushing of the cooling system.Washing can be carried out with ordinary water or special detergents.Some drivers use the drink Coca-cola, Sprite.

few words in conclusion

Today, many motorists are interested in answer to the question of how to expel the air from the cooling system, but, as noted above, the best remedy - this is the timely prevention and good care of the nodes of the car.Sometimes the culprit trivial leak, it is easy enough to find in the ultraviolet glow, than, in fact, used.

Another cause of air pockets that used poor-quality coolant.She is not doing his job 100% effective, and contributes to clogging of channels.Sometimes it is for this simple reason, and there is a need to learn how to expel the air from the cooling system correctly.In some cases, it makes sense to install a special filter that will work properly even liquid quality is below average.But still cheaper to buy a better coolant than the filter itself.Especially since it will have to be changed every 3000-5000 km.