How to remove the bruises on his face

Many least once in their lives faced with such unpleasant problem as a bruise on his face.Alas, on the face, unlike other parts of the body, it is not always so easy to hide from the excessive attention the damaged area.That is why many question how to quickly get rid of a bruise on his face.

first action - the place of the injured need to apply a cold metal object or ice.Due to the narrowed vessels, respectively, reduced blood flow to the damaged area - and a bruise is not as great.

If bruising could not be avoided, and the problem continues to excite you, how to remove bruises, should use the following method to get rid of him.To the place of the injured should be applied warm compresses.It can be heated and wrapped in a cotton bag or bottle salt with warm water.You can replace compress warms pepper patch.These methods will help the rapid resorption of bruises.

in solving the problem, how to remove bruises, help cabbage leaves.The leaves of this vegetable should be dent to speak out of him juice and apply to the bruise.You can also apply plantain leaves, mother and stepmother, burdock and birch leaves.

packs of raw potatoes can also help those who have pondered the question of how to remove the bruises on his face.To do this, the potatoes should be rubbed through a grater and make mush of potatoes for 10 minutes to the place of a bruise.The procedure is repeated several times a day.

Another recipe for a more rapid resorption of bruising can serve the following: purchased from a pharmacy powder concoctions and warm water should be prepared pulp in a ratio of 2: 1.This slurry is applied to the place of a bruise and replaced whenever a new portion, when the mass starts to dry out.Just do not abuse this way to avoid other skin diseases.

To continue you have no questions, how to get rid of bruises on his face, is to buy in the drugstore effective ointments from bruises and injuries.These ointments are "Heparin", "Troxevasin."With frequent use of it will contribute to the rapid disappearance of a bruise.You can also use other drugs, which include heparin or pentoxifylline having good resolving property.

well restores drugs considered ointment "Rescuer" gels "indovazin" and "Lioton."Their use is also well suited to address how to remove the bruises on his face.In addition to these drugs, and good masking agent is healing gel "Bruise-off", which is prepared based on plant extracts and pentoxifylline.For complex treatment (together with the above ointments) are advised to take vitamin C pills, which include vitamin E, rutin.

after injuries should not take painkillers, which thin the blood and lead to increased bruising aspirin or acetaminophen.Also it is necessary to give at this time of the consumption of alcoholic beverages as they cause vasodilatation.

If you use all of these methods, the problem will be solved bruise in the shortest time.