Metropolitan Peter: life.

Wonderworker in Christianity had for centuries.Among them there are the monks, priests, ordinary people.St. Peter went from being the son of the boyars to the Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia.His life will be interesting to learn not only to believers but to all interested in the history of the Russian state and the fate of famous people.

The birth of Peter and began his studies

Once in Volyn (now north-western part of Ukraine) in a noble boyar family mother of the future saint, shortly before his birth saw in a dream that keeps his hands on the lamb.Between the horns of it grows a wonderful tree with fruits and flowers, and candles.Soon, around 1260, her son was born - this was the future Metropolitan Peter.When he was seven years old, he began to teach reading and writing and to the Holy Scriptures, but it has not brought the expected results.He could not learn anything, until one day in a dream mouth of Peter has not touched one in episcopal robes.From that moment, the future Metropolitan Peter became a good student.Soon he was able to become the best of all the students and explore all the Scriptures.

Righteous Way

At the age of twelve years, the future Saint Peter (Metropolitan of Moscow) became a novice in the near monastery.In addition to performing all sorts of work, which he always did with humility, Peter came to the very first church service.All of the liturgy, he stood at attention and humility, listening to the divine Scriptures and praying, and never even to the wall leaned back not for all time.Seeing Peter efforts in obedience, looking at his humility, the abbot made a saint in the deacon, and later - in the priesthood.In addition, the saint became a painter, moving away in moments of work on the way of all the earth, penetrating thoughts of God and soul striving for the good life.For a long time, the future Metropolitan Peter of Moscow and All Russia held in the monastery.Then there was the abbot blessed and left the shelter walls to the river called Rati in a deserted place to arrange a monastery.Holy built a church of the Savior Jesus Christ, and then at her - a monastery called Transfiguration.Brothers gathered there, Peter taught with humility, believing himself the last of all.He was kind and never let go without alms or help the poor and pilgrims.I hear about it, even the prince, because he was revered by all, and everyone gladly took the holy teachings.

Metropolitan Peter

Metropolitan Maxim, who arrived from Constantinople, while teaching the people in Russia.Peter presented him with an icon of the Blessed Virgin's own work (called Peter's), and also asked for a blessing and brotherhood.After giving him the Metropolitan respectfully took the image and store it at home.Later the icon was in the Assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin in Moscow.Then came the moment of death of Metropolitan Maxim.After that, the applicant began to look at his holy office.There were two candidates: Juri, Galicia-Volyn prince, persuaded Peter to go for the development of metropolitan Vladimir and Tver and the Tver prince offered the post of abbot of St. Gerontius.The second candidate went by sea to Constantinople, but the storm caught up with him on the way.Then, in a vision of Gerontius Blessed Virgin said to be the Metropolitan Peter.Constantinople Patriarch Athanasius was also discovered Peter purpose.When the saint entered the temple was filled with the fragrance all around.This was a sign for the patriarch, who gladly blessed Peter.But, as expected, there was a meeting of the saint, which is considered a candidate for the Metropolitan.It recognized that Peter is worthy of this post, which he was ordained long before the birth.At the time of initiation, all those present realized that he - God's elect, who came here at the behest of the Heavenly Father, as his face lit up.

intrigues against Peter

newly-founded St. Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow, within a few days after the consecration received instructions from the Patriarch of Constantinople and then left to start his duties.But the meek and mild when it came to him, and a solid, strict in ecclesiastical matters it caused dissatisfaction among some people.Among them was envious of the Tver Bishop Andrew.He slandered the saint wrote to Patriarch Athanasius such accusations against the Metropolitan that he did not believe in them, but still sent the church clergyman.Russian Church convened in Pereyaslavl cathedral.The investigation to expose the false testimonies against Peter and the assailant was humiliated.Saint did not conceal at Bishop Andrew anger and forgave him, released Cathedral.This Metropolitan Peter gained to himself even more respect and reverence.

Acts of St. Peter

traveled all over Russia for the benefit of the people.The Golden Horde, he made concessions to the clergy.All the forces trying to appease the Metropolitan warring princes.Their rivalries are most worried about Peter.Arriving in Bryansk, in order to smooth out the next conflict, the Metropolitan almost became a victim of murder.Understanding and anticipating that the union of Russia is possible through Moscow, Peter often visited the then still small and little important town.At that time there was a Prince George Danilovich, but it is often not in the city.In his absence, the brother of Prince John was a very good ruler.He always helped the poor and disadvantaged.That Peter and John often talked about the affairs of the church and the future of the city of Moscow.Rod Prince Metropolitan predicted greatness and prosperity.St. Peter wanted to move his chair was in Moscow, which was necessary Cathedral.Russian Church owes the construction of the Assumption Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin, named after Saint Peter, according to which in 1326 he was laid.At the base of plants, the altar, the Moscow Metropolitan Peter made his coffin.

prediction of the death of Saint John Prince

some time dreamed of a very high hill in the snow.The snow has melted, and after it disappeared up the mountain.St. Peter explained what it means.Melted snow - the death of Metropolitan, and missing the mountain - the death of the prince.Peter received the revelation of himself and his own death, but what exactly, no one knows.December 21, 1326 during an evening prayer service at the Metropolitan Peter died.His tomb is in the Cathedral of the Assumption.Prince John was out of town when there was a saint.When he returned, he saw grieving for holy people.During the funeral procession of one of little faith, he questioned the sanctity of the Metropolitan and then repented of his unbelief, when she saw Peter sitting in a coffin, and to bless people.

Wonderworker Peter

healings and miracles began to happen almost immediately after the burial.Some young man, who had his hands fixed from birth, with tears and faith prayed at the tomb of the saint.At the same time he recovered, and strengthened his hand.Healed Saint Peter and one crouched and opened deaf ears, and he began to hear.Who came to the tomb with the prayer of blind sight.Thus began the miracles holy.Today, Metropolitan Peter helps resorting to faith and prayer in his favor.

Reckoning miracle worker canonized

Assumption Cathedral was built and consecrated in 1327.Metropolitan Feognost, successor to Peter, did not change the teachings of the holy predecessor.He settled in Moscow, prayed at the tomb of the saint and he beheld many miracles that take place there.Having passed all the patriarchs, Feognost was ordered and canonized miracle worker Peter.Three times the saint's relics were found incorrupt.For the first time, when the invasion of Khan Tokhtamysh in 1382 burned the tomb of the saint.Then, when in 1477 collapsed the walls of the cathedral.And the last time, when Aristotle Fioravanti, the Italian architect, built a new Cathedral of the Assumption, in 1479.As such he remains to this day.Life of Metropolitan Peter wrote Bishop of Rostov Bishop Prokhorov, who was ordained by the prelate.Commemorated on St. Peter - December 21 (or January 3) and 24 August (or September 6th).

Church of Metropolitan Peter

In 1514, by order of Prince Ivan III in High-Pokrovsky Monastery was built the first stone church in honor of the saint.It is not just carried out reconstruction work.Therefore, today the congregation visit the temple of Peter the Metropolitan of Moscow.Holy revered and worshiped not only in Moscow.There is a church in his honor and in other Russian cities.For example, in St. Petersburg in 1991-2001 period, he built a wooden church of Peter the Metropolitan.In the place there was a temple, built by order of Peter I in the name of the saint in memory of the victory over the Swedes.

difficult to overestimate the contribution to the strengthening of faith in Russia and its Association of St. Peter.Metropolitan can be compared with such prominent Christian bishops as Gregory the Theologian, Basil the Great, John Chrysostom.His life - a vivid example of selfless love of God, the people and the homeland.I wish that every Christian was just a little from St. Peter.