How to clean the sides of the rear of the month

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question of how to clean the sides of the back, worried about everyone who has overweight.However, such a phenomenon in the human figure can be observed even with a very little above the threshold weight.Naturally, it does not add attractiveness, but rather on the contrary, leads to disruption of the aesthetics body in both men and women.The human body is so arranged that the region is perfectly suited for the reserves of fat.Therefore, even with a slight excess of the latter occurs in the above-described disadvantage FIG.How to fight it?There are two ways - nutrition and training.Even better, when both directions intersect and complement each other.First of all, every person with this problem is to take care of the acceleration of metabolic processes in the organism.

This will allow both sides to remove the back, did not return the body in such a state, when even a small excess calories tends to be postponed under the dermal layer in the waist area and in other parts of the figure.Nutrition program should be arranged so that each meal would be via the shortest possible period of time, but without disrupting the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.This is possible only under several conditions.Firstly, the use digestible products.Secondly, use food small volume portions.Thirdly, to bring the interval between doses for 2 - 3 hours by dividing the whole volume of the daily value of 5 - 7 portions.

one right food is not enough to remove the fat from the sides.Exercises aimed at the solution of this problem must also meet certain requirements.

First of all, they have to work out all the muscles of the body, not only selected areas.This will burn a lot of calories even at rest.In addition, the load should be both aerobic and anaerobic character.For many people, one of the key points on the question of how to clean the sides of the back, is a place to train.Someone goes to the gym, while others may engage in and at home.Both variants have the right to life, the main thing - not a place for employment and competent scheme.

Remove the side at home with the help of strength training and kadionagruzok

for the first do not need anything complex - you can do with exercise with your own body weight, but you can - using a variety of projectiles and special equipment.Here the key factors is the availability of space in the living room, and financial sredstv.Uprazhneniya for home use are no different from their counterparts in the hall.These are the movements of the base of influence, like squats, deadlifts, bench press, push-ups, pull-ups, and so on. N. In addition, the target groups need to perform twisting while lying on the floor, turns the body, leg lifts, folding and so on. D. Cardio allowhow to clean the sides of the back, and improve the overall condition of the entire body by getting rid of excess fat.At home, you can use a treadmill, stepper, an ellipsoid and other similar equipment, but you can just execute a complex of aerobic exercise with dumbbells.