In those days, when the various polymers and plastics have been actively implemented in everyday life, people thought that with their help will be able to solve almost all the problems prohibitive for natural materials.This scientific-technical and chemical euphoria lasted from the late forties of the seventies, until mankind, make sure that the cotton, linen or wool clothing still in most cases better than any synthetic.But these decades were not in vain, many very valuable and useful as the polymer created the conditions for their wide use in various fields of human activity.

One of the most common synthetic material is polyester.What is this product for the production of some products it is used now?To answer these questions, one must first understand the chemical and mechanical properties of the polymer.

As the material is a polyester multimolecular chain polyesters.In the synthesis of the polymer having strong ties that make it extremely strong.As applied to garments, which means its high resistance to tearing and wrinkling.Is this good?Of course, for some items the toilet these qualities are indispensable, as well as the ability to resist moisture.But it has a downside.Low water absorption and stiffness of this material make it uncomfortable with respect to the skin.But talk about the polyester, it is totally unsuitable fabric for clothing, you can not just its scope is limited.

Different countries have different commercial names that designated polyester.The composition of the raw materials can be combined, for example: "65% wool, 35% polyester."The word is, at first glance, foreign, actually it is an abbreviation in which the Academy of Sciences - Academy of Sciences, and the letters "L", "A" and "B" means a laboratory of high molecular compounds.In the US, this material is manufactured under the name "Dacron".

in the art, the polymer has been widely used because of the special properties.For example, for the production of packaging materials requiring high strength, wide use of polyester.What kind of property?Durability for tightening strapping bales having compressive significant straightening force, only slightly inferior to the resistance to tearing of the metal strip, in which the polymer is much easier and, importantly, cheaper iron.Strength polyester filaments causes their application in cases where the joint should be very reliable, and ropes, woven from them, can withstand large loads.

in world aviation and construction vehicles last decade and there is an active extension of the scope of application of composite polymeric materials.Any part, which is used for the manufacture of plastic instead of duralumin, reduces weight and improves the corrosion resistance.For military aviation, this polyester has another important property: the researchers found by examining the polyester, it radioprovodyaschy material.This property allows you to perform from his radar radomes and aircraft silhouette becomes less visible to enemy air defense possible.