Constipation in Women: Causes and Treatment

With such a sensitive issue as intestinal obstruction, affecting people of all ages.In this article we will talk about why there is constipation in women, and what are the current treatments for the disease, as well as share recipes folk remedies.

What is constipation?

In some cases, you can talk about the diagnosis of "obstruction (complete or partial) of the intestine?"Most of the people thanks to advertising propaganda are confident that the process of defecation must take place at least once a day.In fact, the body of each person is different.In medicine it is considered normal stool frequency from three bowel movements a day to three a week.It is necessary to take into account not only the number of daily trips to the toilet, how to pay attention to changes in the number, frequency of bowel movements, as well as associated symptoms, which details can be found below.

symptoms of constipation

Also rare incidence of acts of defecation, the patient meets one or more minor symptoms:

  1. reduce the number of bowel movements
  2. Fecal become dense, stubborn
  3. A feeling of incomplete defecation process, heaviness in the abdomen.
  4. Decreased appetite.
  5. bad breath.
  6. blood and mucus in the stool.

How dangerous constipation?

Besides discomfort, abdominal pain, bloating constipation in women can lead to various complications:

  1. accumulated faeces decompose, can cause intoxication, which is manifested by nausea, vomiting, headaches.In extreme cases, may develop sepsis.
  2. possible rectal prolapse, anal fissures or rupture of the intestine, the mucous membranes, accompanied by bleeding.
  3. Constipation contributes to an increased risk of infectious diseases, including intestinal.
  4. Long-term use of laxatives is fraught with the development of intestinal motility disorders.
  5. When constipation are poorly digested the nutrients you need from food.
  6. during pregnancy may appear different complications which details are described later in a separate paragraph.

Causes of constipation in women

medical statistics noted that the fairer sex susceptible to constipation in 2 times more often than men.This is explained by anatomical and hormonal structure of the genitourinary system.Often complain of problems with a chair expectant mothers.What causes constipation in women?Reasons may include the following:

  1. most common cause of problems with defecation is incorrect, poor nutrition.Modern woman just once to take care of the full ration.Fast food saturated fats and carbohydrates useless, while vitamins and fiber in such products is often completely absent.Contribute to the development of constipation and incorrect diet, abrupt changes in diet or product change.
  2. Causes of constipation in women may lie dormant, office lifestyle.
  3. Lack daily volume of water.Replacing its soft drinks and coffee also leads to constipation.
  4. violation of intestinal microflora due to incorrect reception course of antibiotics or uncontrolled use of laxatives to cleanse the body and lose weight.
  5. Endocrine diseases.Frequent complaints about problems with a chair occur in people with diabetes.
  6. diseases of the gastrointestinal tract disturb the correct operation of outputting system of the body: sores, goiter, hemorrhoids, and others.
  7. most often suffer from constipation, pregnant women.This is both because of the hormonal changes the body, and by pressure on the intestines.
  8. Constipation in elderly women occurs because of age-related changes in the body that disrupt the bowels.
  9. tumors in the intestine benign and malignant.
  10. mechanical injury of the gastrointestinal tract.

Constipation in women: causes, treatment during pregnancy

common complaints of the fairer sex in "interesting" position, is constipation.The problem occurs in 57% of expectant mothers.Extremely dangerous in this period constipation in women.Causes of illness following:

  1. growing uterus compresses the intestine.This disturbed blood flow and appear stagnant processes in the pelvis.
  2. The human body produces a special substance, which operate the process of peristalsis.During pregnancy, lowered level of synthesis of such substances to prevent uterine contractions and possible abortion.However, such an unconditional defensive reaction affects the process of elimination of feces.
  3. Hormonal changes also adversely affects the work of the intestine, reducing its function.
  4. Causes of constipation in women in the postpartum period often is to weaken the pelvic floor muscles, tearing during delivery and the painful process of defecation.

complicates the process of treating constipation in pregnancy so that these patients can not be used many medicines.In this case contraindicated laxatives and physiotherapy, as they may provoke spontaneous abortion.The most common problem of constipation in pregnant women is achieved through diet and moderate exercise.For more information about these treatments can be found below.

Why constipation in women during pregnancy are dangerous?Complicated defecation may negatively affect the process of carrying a child up to the termination of pregnancy.Inflammatory processes, intoxication, joined infectious diseases lead to serious complications of the fetus.

treat constipation diet

How to overcome constipation in women?Causes and treatment are interlinked.To get rid of the disease, it is necessary first of all to eradicate the root cause of the problem, namely unhealthy diet.

main rule of diet for constipation is to consume a large amount of fiber.It is not digested in the body, and it is to remove waste products from the intestines.Fiber-rich fresh fruits, vegetables, unrefined cereals, wholemeal bread, bran and dried fruits.A special place in the diet takes prunes.It contains apart from fiber material such as sorbitol, having a laxative effect.Drink compote of dried fruits or Eat a few pieces of prunes soaked overnight in water, in the morning on an empty stomach.

Constipation in women may also occur due to lack of fluid in the body.It is imperative to use a sufficient amount of water.It helps to soften the stool soft and excretion from the body.It helps healing mineral water "Essentuki", "Jermuk", "Borjomi" and others.

Dairy products improve peristalsis.Daily consume products such as yogurt or yogurt, helps with constipation natural kvass.

Avoid eating rice, flour products, sweets, animal fats.But vegetable oils, especially olive oil, on the contrary, normalize the bowels.

Physical activity constipation

Why constipation in women occur more often?The answer lies in the lack of motion and activity.It is difficult to overestimate the beneficial effects of moderate exercise during bowel problems.Through exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, improves intestinal peristalsis.Choose the perfect type of physical activity, and do not forget to deal with on a daily basis.This could be a visit to a sports club, swimming pool or domestic morning exercise.For example, help with constipation following exercises:

  1. Lying on your back, lift his chest bent knees alternately, and both at once.
  2. Lying on his back, bent legs carry the right and left turns.
  3. Exercise "cat": Get on all fours, round your back arch, then gently lean in the opposite direction.
  4. Exercise "bicycle": lying on his back, "pedal" your feet.
  5. From a standing position, tighten alternately every knee to the chest.

All the exercises, repeat 15 times.

Maternity effective methods of prevention and treatment of constipation are swimming, yoga and exercises with fitball.Before visiting the training you should consult with your doctor.

drugs for constipation

not always diet and exercise leads to the problem of constipation.Very often require medication elderly.Medicines for constipation are classified as follows:

  1. Drugs provoking peristalsis: Root buckthorn, senna grass, "Guttalaks", "Senadeksin", "Dulkolaks."There are such preparations immediately, will result in 10-12 hours after application.
  2. Medicines retain water in the intestine, which helps soften the stool: sodium sulfate, Carlsbad salt, magnesium serokislaya.
  3. Prebiotics in the cleavage to form acids, which increase the volume of stool and retain water, "Dyufolak", "Eksportal."The action of the drug will appear during the day.
  4. Drugs with dietary fibers have the effect of consumption of fiber cellulose, flaxseed, agar-agar.

drug is available in the form of syrups, tablets and capsules, as well as rectal suppositories.The latter type of drugs the most safe and effective.The most popular on the Russian market are such candles from constipation as "Evac", "bisacodyl", "Mikrolaks."

Most drugs are addictive and have a number of other contra-indications and adverse reactions.Constipation is an elderly woman, his treatment drugs require special monitoring by your doctor.Self-medication is not allowed.

Physiotherapy and physical therapy are widely used methods for the treatment of constipation.Assigns their physician with the symptoms, the severity of the disease and related health problems.Use the following procedure:

  • electrophoresis antispasmodic;
  • UFO abdomen;
  • thermal procedures;
  • mud and paraffin applications;
  • diathermy;
  • ascending shower;
  • reflexology.

Traditional medicine

In folk medicine uses the healing properties of plants by making them from broths.Helps constipation herbs such as:

  • buckthorn olhovidnoy;
  • licorice root;
  • agave leaves;
  • kelp;
  • senna leaves;
  • psyllium seeds.

order not to err in the dosage, it is better to buy ready-made charges of medicinal herbs in pharmacies and used in accordance with instructions.

also have a laxative effect of fruit and vegetable juices: beet, peach, carrot, radish beverage, celery, red currant.

not just a nuisance, but rather inconvenient problem of "constipation" for women.Causes and effects of a variety of diseases.Constipation - a serious illness, which is dangerous complications.It requires referral to a specialist.Remember that proper nutrition and physical activity - effective preventive measures.