Vankor field: an impetus to the development of Siberia

Vankor field is located in the Turukhansk district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.Producing oil from its twenty-first officially launched in August 2009.Vankor field was discovered in 1991 by drilling its southern part.Currently reserves that can be drawn from it, was evaluated by gas - 95 billion. Cube.m., for oil - 520 million. tons.The extraction of these minerals is the company "Rosneft".

In order to put into operation the Vankor field, needed to build infrastructure projects in 1685.Among them is to provide a tank farm with total capacities of 140 thousand. Cu.m., gas turbine power station with 200 MW and high-tech line for oil (capacity - 7 million. tons).

In addition, the infrastructure includes production wells, a network for the collection of oil booster pump complex, a central collection point for the raw materials, a small refinery to supply fuel and lubricants in the production site and the nearby settlements.Created large-scale facilities for the transportation of the product.In particular, the Vankor field has a trunk pipeline with the infrastructure: the pumping stations, tank farms, power lines along the road, commercial metering.The total number of wells to be increased to 266 units (including one hundred seventy-three mining).Development and construction of all buildings was made with the use of modern technologies for environmental protection and rational use of natural resources.

All that give mining companies vankor field is transported by pipeline to tie into the main system.From there, most of the raw material should be exported.This project has made a significant contribution to the economy is not only the oil industry, but also in engineering and construction.Improved labor market situation in the region, where the weather is quite harsh.Vankor field for its development required the use of significant capacities and various resources.In particular, this process involved more than four hundred and fifty contractors, twelve thousand builders and 2 thousand. Units.various equipment.More than 80% of the equipment delivered to the field, were purchased from Russian producers.

Vankor project relate to the integration of the Far East and Siberia.Oil from it will be used not only for export sales, but also as raw material for the Primorsky Refinery.It is planned to build in the near future.Oil from the field is expected to reach 25 million. Tons per year.To work on it is actively involved personnel of various professions and occupations: drivers, drillers, geologists, logistics specialists, electricians, mechanics, specialists in the arrangement, cooks, paramedics, doctors, insulation workers, engineers, suppliers, storekeepers, etc.Because of the harsh climate and remoteness from civilization, they work mainly on a rotational basis.For work accepted people from all regions of the country, accommodation organized for them in special carriages, provided free food, clothing.