Lathe - parameters and application

main purpose lathe - a mechanical processing, internal and external surfaces of solids of revolution.Also, on many models of these machines can be cut into different kinds of thread.A basic cutting tools used for turning, are a variety of cutters.Such as communicating, face, scoring, boring, cutting, carving and others.The holes on the lathe done using drills, reamers and reamers.And taps and dies are tapped.

Lathe - parameters

lathe, depending on the position of the axis of rotation can be vertical or horizontal.There is also its main parameters is the largest diameter of the items that can be processed over his bed.Another characteristic of the lathe is the distance between its center.This determines the size of the biggest line-machined parts.The third main parameter - This is the largest diameter of the above support details.In addition, the specified range of machine spindle speed, the largest diameter rod that can pass through the spindle, the size of the cone spindle (Morse or metric), and the greatest height of the tool is fixed in the tool holder.

Lathe - longitudinal and transverse support

Cutters on lathes mounted in the tool holder, which in turn is located on a support.And with the help of the cutting tool is moved during machining.The support consists of a longitudinal slide or lower slide.They are moved along the workpiece along the guides disposed on the machine frame.A lateral movement of the tool holder with the tool provided, respectively, cross slide.Traffic on both caliper is transmitted from the box through the innings lead screw shaft or suspension.It is also possible, and manually moving the handwheel.

Stand - the basis of the lathe

Any lathe is not possible without the frame.It is located headstock, which is mounted gearbox and the spindle and tailstock guide and support.On the spindle is mounted chuck or other device for clamping workpieces.A tray fastened to the frame, which collects chips and coolant.Well, the tailstock moves quietly and secured at any point in the frame.It using Morse taper mounted rotating center dedicated to urge long parts or tools designed to handle the holes.

metal lathe 16K20

But the most common are universal machines, in particular, such as 16K20.It is designed for turning, drilling, boring and tapping.This machine has sufficient capacity and rigidity, a large range of feeds and spindle speeds.It is used in high-volume, small batch and unit production.Now lathe 16K20 can be found in almost every company, although it is still produced in the USSR.

CNC lathe

CNC machines are more modern high-tech equipment.They are processed under the control of the details of control programs.And these machines many advantages over their "tame" brethren.They are faster and easier to realign from one mode to the other parts.It's enough to make a memory of the control computer in the new program.Products after processing machine such are more precise.A processing time for each part is significantly reduced due to its high speed and the lack of auxiliary operations.And these machines are designed for high-volume production.