Walrus pup called?

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Few people do not cause tenderness small children.And kids animals are no exception, whether affectionate fluffy kitten or a sufficiently large baby walrus.How is the baby wolf or fox knows almost everything.But what about the sea north pinnipeds?

Rule name formation in animal babies

Like, everything is clear.If the root of the name of the animal, or add a suffix -onok -ёnok, you get the name of his baby.However, there are some exceptions.For example, the word "little dogs" or "loshadёnok" in the literary language can be used only with ironic overtones.This happens because the dog to indicate the children have the word "puppies", and the horse knows that even children born foals.

«Clueless Dictionary," or "I do not know»

Consequently, the same need to form a name that is synonymous with a combination of "baby walrus."How is the baby of this wonderful representative of pinnipeds, like, the answer is easy - morzhonok.Only someone difficult to choose the right word.

«Morzhik, morzёnok, morzhonёnok, morzhonysh" - such responses often fail to give those whom the matter zastaёt surprise.The most "ingenious" humorous cover his ignorance, in their opinion, options.They argue that the "Musik-PUSIC", "belёk", "kitten" and even "raccoon" - baby walrus.

tyulenёnok What is the name, too, for some reason, for some people is a mystery.While most people know that besides the common name, produced following the rules, it is also called sweet word "belёk."

morzhonok Why not belёk or kitten?

Assuming that the seals and walruses - pinnipeds, closely related animals, someone carries the name of the children of one family to the other children of the family.Indeed, the name "belёk" exists.But not so called baby walrus.How is the little white fluffy baby seal, of course, because he was so fit that name.But the silver-gray baby that soon changes and becomes brown fur, so to dignify absurd.

Some literary works mentioned the name walrus calves as "serek."It can be assumed that it was similar to the word "belёk", that is the color of a baby.But the scientific community is the definition morzhatam not give.

way and kittens morzhat called only ignorant people.Again here the error triggered the transfer of names of young family of pinnipeds on the other kids.Scientists also the question of how young walrus is called, answer that the puppies.

«Musik-PUSIC" or "Abrashka»

good, nothing to say, "Musik-PUSIC" that immediately after birth can weigh 75 pounds and be more than a meter long!Although, to become better acquainted with this good-natured, curious and affectionate "crumbs", many people can not hold back emotion and admiration of their intelligence and ingenuity.

Probably, these features characteristic morzhat, have led to the emergence of more and such names as "Abrashka" and "Abramkov" who came up with the beast for the first explorers of the north.Although scientific studies explaining this fact, there is.But it is assumed that he misses home life explorers often brightened up his dwelling in the north away from home taking care of the kid-walrus calves, as if it was their pet.In the notes and diaries of harsh polar researchers can often read about how to them at the station begins to regularly go and see a walrus cub to steal some items, dragging them under water or pushing from the ice.

The most important ...

So, it is worth to summarize.On the question of the name of the young walrus, there are answers:

  • morzhonok;
  • puppy;
  • serek;
  • Abrashka;
  • Abramkov.

A Latin name of this amazing animal Odobenus rosmarus translates as "sea horse, moving with the help of teeth."That's saying then that the scientists do not have a sense of humor ...