Pine Cones: short description, photo.

Pine is the most valuable coniferous species on the territory of the Russian state.Its height reaches 40 meters.The trunk is strong, visible to other woody plants to its brown color.The base of a pine covered with a thick crust.It is no coincidence that nature intended.

density crust is protective of the plant.Thus softwood beautiful summer escapes from overheating and fires from occurring.Externally pine looks really gorgeous tree.Its needles are attracting attention with its lush green color.

It is collected in numerous bundles of 2-3 needles and reaches a length of 4 to 7 centimeters.Themselves delicate needles are prominent longitudinal stripes.In autumn a certain amount of pine needles fall off.

the remainder of the layer of wood wax falls.Needles stomata are closed, thereby stopping breathing.This allows the tree sekonomit force during the entire winter season.What else is interesting coniferous beauty?

pine cones.Photos of interesting fruit

It's hard to find someone who does not know what to grow pine cones.Their value can be compared to a large walnut.If a lump is old, it is brown.At the touch of woody, and her loose flakes and toporaschatsya in different directions.

Few people know that one of the most ancient part of the pine trees.Common pine cone with seeds inside the stems is evergreen.Women's fruits are called pine megastrobily, men - microstrobili.

As emerging bump

It all starts with a small ball of red.This is the germ of a pine, which appears in May, when a pine tree from the buds begin to break the young shoots.At the beginning of their development, they are not covered by pine needles.

Instead, they can see the light processes.In the midst of them begin their development young stems.Women bump develops at the top of a pine pine shoots.

Usually the autumn stems are green and slightly exceed the size of a pea.Around this position are the fruit all winter.In the spring, when nature awakens, pine cones continue their development.

Their size reaches a length of 3 to 7 centimeters.By August stems reach their normal size - 10 centimeters long and 4 centimeters wide.Spring fruits actively continue its development.

By the end of summer, pine cones acquire their adult color - brown.But despite its maturity, stems have not yet been disclosed.Seeds still can not sleep because of the strongly pressed flakes But in this period the density of pine cones higher than that of other fruits of conifers.

Male and female pine cones

Fruit of coniferous tree, which is located at the base of young shoots is called the male cones of pine.Women, as already mentioned, is on top of the pine branch.The structure of the bumps is simple - axis with numerous scales.They are ovules, of which there are an egg.Scots pine begins to bear fruit in 20-30 years.

male cones of pine has the same structure as the female.The only thing on the lower scales of the fetus are two pollen sacs.In them there is a maturing pollen and sperm production.

Fertilization occurs when the pollen from male to female fruit falls pine cones of the first year.Until that time, the pollen is at rest.Only a year later, it forms a pollen tube through which sperm tend to archegonia.

one sperm fuses with the ovum to form a zygote.Then begins the development of the embryo.It is a fabric in which accumulated many nutrients.The fabric itself is called the primary endosperm.

Adults fruits

Ripe conifer are ovate-conical shape.They are heavier than the female cones of pine first year.If you push the sticky flakes of mature stems, one finds notable thickening sallow.

It shields with curved bottom edges.Seeds pine cones have transparent wings by which they are carried by the wind.At first glance, all the fruits of conifers are the same.

But if you look closely, there are differences between the cones.For example, if you compare pine and spruce, the shape of a first round.The length of the fetus less spruce pine.The density of pine cones is different from the stems of other conifers.They are heavier than eating the fruit or larch.

Where use pine fruit

most valuable thing that can give conifer stems, - medicinal raw materials.In the circle of healers from pine cones prepared salves and tinctures.Cook fragrant jam.To do this, collect the little green pine cones no longer than 4 centimeters.

recommended stocking up on fruits pine from May to June.During the collection should pay attention to the condition of the tree.If it is affected by insects, it is best not to collect pine cones with this.

Cook jam

In fact, there are several recipes for sweet and healthful treats from pine cones.We will review the most common option.So first prepare ingredients to work.

We need 1 kg of sugar, 10 cups of water and 1 kg of cones.Wash the fruit in cold water.Then we put them in a deep container, fill with water.It must cover the fruit to 2 centimeters from the top.

sure to close the lid and boil the contents of the dishes half an hour.Then allowed to brew in a dark place for 12 hours.Once the mass of the present, should be separated from the solution bumps.

At this point, it will be green.Mix sugar with fluid in equal proportions.This mass should simmer until it begins to spread.

Finally, we add a few knobs and cook another 5 minutes a lot.Beautiful and useful jam is ready!It has a rich crimson color.It remains to pour a lot of jars and enjoy the delicious delicacy entire cold season!

Jam of pine cones is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and inflammation of the airways.It is also recommended for people with a total exhaustion.

Useful properties of pine cones

In folk medicine used raw materials from stems of coniferous tree with low hemoglobin, arthritis, pneumonia, vitamin deficiency, acute respiratory diseases.

The pollen cones contain essential oils, carotene, ascorbic acid and resin.Due to their healing properties, pine fruits in a large number of medicinal recipes.

example, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases should take one tablespoon of crushed cones and pour half a liter of hot water.This tincture should withstand 12 hours, and then drink a little during the day before meals.

Another drug, rich medicinal properties, is used in diseases of the bones, joints and bronchopulmonary inflammation.Here's how to prepare the infusion: a suitable container cut into 10 pieces of green cones, pour 1 liter of vodka and close tightly.

insist should be 40 days, do not forget to shake.If you do it regularly, then the beneficial properties of cones quickly saturated liquid.Upon expiration of the resulting drug strain.

tincture should turn reddish-brown.The use of such drugs is possible not only to receive INT, but also for the local grinding.

drugs from coniferous fruit - first assistant

Tincture of pine cones - an excellent remedy for cough.If you have not completed the course of his treatment of them, it's time to do it.For the preparation of infusions required to take 50 grams of green pine cones in 2 cups of boiling water.

first fruits pour water, then infuse for 2-3 hours in a warm place.Strain the infusion through a gauze filter.If the drug is prepared for the child, to improve the taste you can add to the infusion of 500 grams of sugar and cook until a viscous syrup.Tasty and healthful preparation is ready!It is recommended to be taken daily for 5-6 tablespoons.

those patients who defeated cough, healers advised to pour 5 pine cones cup boiling water, warm cloth to hide the infusion and infuse for 40-45 minutes.Take 2-3 sips when starting cough.Also

therapeutic effect can be obtained via inhalation.To do this, take a large bowl, boil it in 1 liter of water and add 5-6 pre-washed pine cones.

their Boil 5 minutes over low heat under the lid closed.Then, turn off the gas, lift the lid slightly to let off steam.Next, it is necessary to bend over the dishes, covered with a towel.

inhalations taken within 10 minutes.This method works well when nasal congestion, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Medicinal infusions

to prevent or recover from a stroke great help infusion of pine gifts: five ripe cones pour 250 g of alcohol (70%).Insist 10 days at room temperature, strain and add to the resulting infusion of 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

This medication is recommended to use one time after meal for six months.To remove the swelling of the joints in arthritis can prepare a solution bath.Take equal proportions of cones, water, and boil in a deep container about half an hour.

Then remove from heat, let it brew broth 12 hours strain.I should get a brown liquid with a wonderful aroma of pine!At full volume of a standard bath will need 2 liters of miraculous infusion.It is recommended to take a warm bath for 15 to 20 minutes.Such treatment should be continued for as long as the pain does not diminish.

immune system and pine cones

Unfortunately, with age, the human immune system weakens.Increasingly have to work to overcome infectious diseases.The body is aging.

However, scientists believe that it is possible to stop the degradation of the immune system.It is proved that the extract and decoction of pine cones are able to confront the great influence of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Consequently, these drugs can renew the human immune system, allowing it to keep your body in good shape.Therefore, it is recommended at least once a year for prevention of use of products manufactured from pine cones.

Despite their widespread use in folk medicine, is still required prior consultation with a physician.Contraindications to treatment with pine cones should be treated with caution to people who suffer from kidney disease, allergies, pregnant and nursing mothers.

Balm of fruit pine

unfair to pass by the alcohol-containing medicinal drink.It is valued as a sedative and tonic.Usually balm formulation comprises a mixture of various medicinal herbs.

In this case, consider the preparation of the drug from the pine cones and needles.It should be noted that the manufacture of balm - consuming process and requires meticulously fulfill all requirements.However, if desired balm coniferous gifts of nature is quite possible to get home.

So, we should take 3 tablespoons of minced raw pine cones and 1.5 tablespoons of pine needles.Mix the ingredients, put them in a glass jar and fill with 70% alcohol volume of 500 milliliters.

capacity shut tight lid and put in a dark place.After 30 days, the resulting infusion of strain, add 2-3 tablespoons of any berry syrup and infuse for about 3 days.

Ideally, the infusion should turn brown with a tart taste and pleasant aroma.It should be noted that all salves use in low dosage.Most often they add 1-2 teaspoons of coffee, tea and mineral water.This imunnoukreplyayuschie preparations possessing preventive properties against inflammatory and viral diseases.Interesting

of cones

Fans esoteric attributed to the fruit of conifers unusual properties.For example, it is believed that if you keep in a residential area of ​​pine cones, the power house is cleaned.

households will not get any evil eye and other negative phenomena.In addition, bactericidal svoysva Softwood fruit prevent people development of respiratory diseases.

A pine knobs by holding in the hands of a few minutes, you can get rid of the negative energy that has accumulated for the whole day.After that, the fruit of the pine should be discarded.

also a good idea to put miraculous gifts to the pine injured spot.They are perfectly stretched pain.Few suspect that stems pine - a great natural massage for the back and feet.

make it available to everyone!To do this, collect the slightly parted mature pine cones, dry well.Put them in a box and stepped on his feet, sitting on a chair.

The same principle can be promassazhirovat back.Only the cones should be spread out on the mat, and then lie down on their Sina.For those whose skin is very sensitive, it is recommended to cover the fruit pine tissue average density.

Pine cones not only in medicine

What beautiful jewelry and crafts can be made from pine cones!Nature endowed the fruit of a beautiful form.It remains only to dream a little and discover a great element of decor ation - pine cones!

photo demonstrates that the gift of coniferous tree tion can be covered with gold lacquer art.Or capture the imagination of others, having painted with bright acrylic paints bumps.If you make such products a beautiful ribbon, we obtain the unusual toys on the Christmas tree to H ovomu year.

original picture frames, candlesticks, children's songs from pine cones retain their texture for a long time and the initial appearance.Such creative products give others the fragrance of pine wood and high spirits!