How to choose the wings to the bicycle?

Suitable for bicycle fenders are sold far to each model of vehicle.So often the choice of equipment is necessary to pay special attention.Thus, the wings are removable and permanent.They act as flaps and are made of plastic or metal.Wings for bicycle mounted on the frame or fork, being located above the wheel.Their main function - protection against flying dirt and water while driving the bike.

Choice wings for a bicycle - not an easy task, as the modern range of this equipment is very wide.Other models differ in appearance, size, and materials and methods of manufacture of fasteners.It is up to all of these factors depends on the price.

course, good wing for the bicycle is estimated primarily by how it protects from dirt biker in front and behind.During the active movement on wet asphalt surface without spray from the front wheel may stain the face and chest, and wet with rear wheel flies back.Under such conditions, drive characteristics of the appearance of products fade into the background.So select the wings for a bicycle proceeding only from the ease of mounting and attractive design - not quite right.

This protective equipment is divided into several basic types.Wings for bicycle are short and quick stationary and fixed long.They differ from each other in their effectiveness, but the main selection criterion - width.In any case, the wing has to be larger wheel tread, it will provide good protection against splash.

As for the length of separation, stationary short wings are made mainly of plastic and mounted close to the wheel.Among the advantages of such equipment can distinguish their lightness and ease of mounting.But the disadvantages include the fact that the wings of which two thirds shorter than the length, do not protect the feet from dirt biker.

quick-short wings are different, of course, the method of attachment.They are also light but are usually located far above the tire.Accordingly, this type of protection against dirt and moisture worse, but the dust of the earth and do not accumulate between the tire and the wing.

third group of protective equipment against dirt - long fixed wings.They are made of metal, so are reliable and durable.This kind of wings attached in three places, very close to the wheel that provides a good level of protection for the rider.Thus, this equipment performs well its main function, but it also adds extra gram total weight of the bike.Besides the downside and dirt that accumulates between the wheel and the wing.In addition, long cycle wings are not suitable for extreme driving, because they will interfere overcome steep barriers.After reviewing this information and correctly applying it in practice, choose the appropriate Wings for bicycle will not be so difficult.