How many people on the planet and what it depends on

interest issues a significant number of the population from children to old people, "How many people on the planet?"Of course, to answer with absolute accuracy is impossible, as every minute in the world someone is born, and someone dies.According to estimates, in 2012, was born semimilliardny person on Earth alive today, therefore, the answer to the question of how many people on the planet now - more than seven billion.

little history

Forty thousand years before our era was born about forty billion, and for 1990 years, about fifteen billion.In 1900, the world was no more than two billion people, and in 1950 more than two and a half, in 2005 - more than five.As we can see, the population began to grow rapidly only 120 years ago.

What determines how many people on the planet

during diseases and epidemics died huge number of people.For example, the plague from 1346 on 1352 yyBubonic plague, the great plague, black death - so called this terrible disease.It destroyed a quarter of the world's population.Black smallpox - from her dying a hundred out of a hundred thousand people.The disease did not spare anyone.Flash stopped only after vaccination.Acute intestinal infections - Cholera - claimed the lives of more than forty three million people.Fever, accompanied by a mental disorder in the background of fever, caused more than three million lives.Malaria, dengue fever per year die up to three million people.AIDS took the life of more than forty million, "plague of the twenty-first century" - the second name of the virus.We see many people on the planet have died and continue to die from various diseases.

hygienic procedures to the twentieth century most of the population is neglected.Therefore, we developed an infection, weakened immunity, and shortens life expectancy.Only the rich could use soap.Those who still watched over the purity of (these were few), but was not able to buy soap, used a variety of liqueurs to ash and cleaning.

lack of drugs also affected how many people on the planet Earth could live.Antibiotic strongest antimicrobial, opened in 1928, Alexander Fleming.For this discovery he received the Nobel Prize.Later there and antifungals, and antivirals.It is now we can go to the drugstore and buy a lot of medicine, but only a hundred years ago, our ancestors could only be treated with herbs, and then not always.

Medicine leaped forward: surgery, organ transplantation, the emergence of various drugs to sustain organs - all this has increased the life expectancy of the population.

during the formation of the state has been a lot of wars for territory.During World War II killed more than fifty million people in the first - more than twenty-five million.In the entire history of the planet just passed about 15,000 wars and killed more than three and a half billion people.

how many people on the planet, and depends directly on how much they are born.One hundred and fifty years ago, I had seven deaths per ten newborns.With the advent of maternity hospitals, skilled care physicians infant mortality dropped thousands of times.

All these factors have influenced and continue to influence the amount of the world's population.According to forecasts of scientists, by 2050 the world will more than eleven billion people.