The land market.

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market land and natural resources is a single structure.Anyway, it touches many of us.Therefore, you should know that here the term "earth" does not mean just any taken separately put, for example, agricultural or housing construction purposes, and includes stored in the bowels of the resource in the form of mineral deposits.One of the divisions of this market is directly land market, where public service and touching figures of various sectors of the economy: industry, construction, mining, agriculture and processing.

a mistake to assume that there are only the transaction of sale and purchase, which resulted in the ownership rights are transferred from one individual to another.Most of the contracts land market provides only the transfer of land in use for a specified period - for rent.With this type of transaction the owner does not lose its right of ownership, because begins to operate this type of calculation, as the purpose of rent.

Under the terms of the lease of the right new owner gets the property for temporary use.This transaction regulates the market land rents in this case, is appointed as the price for ownership of land.Lease relations are very wide and there are everywhere.

For example, there are states in which private ownership of land is not provided by the legislation.But this does not mean that the land market is not in them.Even in this case, certain power structure is transmitted to the emergency or permanent use certain areas for economic activities, and the budget of the country receives a payment.Just as customers are various entities (both legal and physical) as well as the seller - representatives of the state.

order to the land market has developed, necessary functions such as learning trends, forecasting, establishment of investment attractiveness.On the basis of these stakeholders are interested in their criteria for the study of the proposals, selection and comparison of different sites on the estimated parameters.

must be provided with the land market and legislative documents defining its main actors.

For example, in Russia there are three groups of subjects:

  1. The first group includes officials such as the President, the State Duma and the Federation Council, authorities and local government.
  2. The second - the subjects representing the commercial and public structures.
  3. The third - individuals, families, peoples and various civic associations.

economic interest and the amount of income of the parties for the rental value of the object are determined, the magnitude of investment risks and the estimated cost of land in the event that he would put up for sale.

pricing factors on the ground, too, have their own specifics and tools.But most decisive here is the comparative approach to the same transactions in areas which are in close or similar terms.