Article 'Insult of personality'.

Our people though the soul and "wide open" and for the most part all of us, if not the happiest, but in my heart kind and helpful.This greatly differentiates us from those same Europeans and especially Americans, how often expressed Mikhail.And in all this there is the beautiful one "but."This is - our ability to put it mildly, to hurt each other.In any language of the world is not such a large number of obscene, abusive words or rather, as in the great, and Russian.Use them, not all, but everyone knows.It is with these words often offend people.Yes indeed, in life there are sometimes angry at the whole world of characters, who with all his might every now and then someone trying to offend or humiliate.How to deal with people like that?In case you are not able to convince the "interlocutor" in the fact that his actions and statements you are unpleasant, you can use the "letter of the law."

you want to file a claim for the insult?What the article is not difficult to learn.In the Criminal Code, it is No

. 130, and it reads like this:

  • for opinions expressed in indecent form to the person, to humiliate his dignity and honor of the victim has the right to demand from the infringer compensation for moral damages.Fine, mostly measured in the amount of wages in the amount of three-month or public works.
  • For insulting a person in a public place or by referring to the media can receive a fine of 80 thousand rubles, or in the volume of wages in the amount of semi-annual, or, again, "get rid of" public works.

In our country, such a system of punishment, there is one significant drawback.Take the example of punishment for a personal affront and insult wounded man for a long time and cause psychological discomfort.Article "Insult of personality" is to protect the most innocent man, but the official salary of the offender can be extremely small.The minimum monthly wage for work on the territory of the Russian Federation - 4611 rubles.Often "in securities" held that such amount or close to it.So, to punish "in full" is not always possible.With the system you can not argue.In addition, you at least require witnesses or recorder.From eyewitnesses agree obtained rare.Many suspended with the words "will understand ..." or something like that.With voice recorder does not need to negotiate, but not all it is.A run to the offender the next day and ask him to say again what he thinks about you, of course you can, but do not always live up to expectations.

So, normal situation.If you want to punish a person for contempt, which article you know, but the evidence did not get.Sue without evidence - a waste of time.I'd like to help people to 130 th article.Insult of personality - a serious offense that can not ride.And here is another drawback of our mentality.Worthless us at once, "cried", and this is the main reason for such a small number of claims, which featured 130 th and 129 th article (personal insult and slander, respectively).Defamation needs a separate conversation.Although these articles and a lot in common, but there are fundamental differences.

of the problems, as they say, is to provide immediate and disorderly conduct.Article 20.1 of the Administrative Code.For swearing in public places, disturbing public order and tranquility attracted for this article.The fine from 100 to 500 rubles, or arrest for fifteen days.Measures more than loyal, but regularly used.Rowdy in the streets and more than enough to cope with them quickly law enforcement officers.

Good luck.Remember, the 130-th article - personal insult and hooliganism - Article 20.1, if not the toughest, but highly effective measures.Courthouse senses even the noisy intruder.You can not understand yourself, leave this troublesome matter to court.