How to upgrade the Android OS?

Each operating system, like any computer program, eventually improving and getting better.This applies to both the PC software and applications for mobile devices.That is why any "OSes" it is desirable to upgrade to new versions.In this article you will learn how to update Android on your mobile gadget and learn why the update improves the operation of the device.

At the moment, the latest OS Android is a recently released version 4.0, but you can put it is not for every smartphone or tablet.To find out what version before you can update your product, visit the official website of the manufacturer or visit the Android Market.When the most recent update for your devaysa defined, you are ready to install it.First, let's consider the options for how to update Android directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Before embarking on any intervention in the life of your mobile device, it is advisable to remember a few simple rules.First, before the start of the update process to be removed from devaysa card.

Secondly, it is recommended to read tips on software installation and "flashing" is not only on the amateur sites, but also on our homepage.And, thirdly, it is advisable to create a backup of all existing data on the device, as it does not rule out the possibility that they may be lost in the event of failure "firmware."

And now, when all the information from the device successfully maintained and further explored recommendations for updating the software, hosted on the official website of the manufacturer, you can move on to the process of "firmware".How to update Android, without connecting the gadget to the computer?This requires that the mobile device has access to the Internet (preferably high speed and reliable as updates have to pump out the "volume"), and the SIM card and the memory card were recovered.Once all the preparations are made, we go in the device settings, and select the menu item "About the system."The following is to find the line "Check for updates" and to perform this action.Now it remains only to wait until the device will download the latest version of the Android OS.After that, you must see to it that the smartphone has successfully completed the restart and you can start to enjoy the latest version of the software installed.

But how to update Android on your phone, which does not have access to the Internet (or this access is extremely difficult to call a reliable channel to retrieve files from the network)?In this case it is necessary to connect the mobile device to a computer, which in turn is connected to the Internet.Now there is only found on the official website of the manufacturer devaysa required update (the easiest way to do this, pointing to the exact site of the model of your mobile), download it and install it using the recommended on the same site software.

It is noteworthy that many owners of Android devices continues to confuse the software update gadget update their supporting applications that are essential to achieve optimal performance of your phone or tablet.And this in our time, it is necessary to know not only "advanced" users, but also to anyone who wants to get the best performance of your device.For example, not everyone knows how to update Android Market - the program for downloading the application and even the "firmware".And it can be very simple.Just go to the app itself and checks for updates for it.After that, the program will offer you the best option to download and automatically install after downloading it.This machine should be connected to the internet throughout this simple procedure.

Now that you know how to update Android on your favorite gadget, you can upgrade the software to the latest version and thus inspire their favorite device a new life.