Homemade ice cream, ice cream flavor Soviet.

How to make homemade ice cream?Soviet ice cream taste is familiar to many from his childhood.That's why I want to try this delicacy again.But to buy a delicious ice cream at the store is not always possible, and the quality of certain products causes only regret.You can prepare this dessert yourself, using only the finest ingredients.Homemade ice cream turns out tasty, evokes the nostalgia of distant times.Recipes simple, and the results - simply delicious.

basic recipe

This recipe can be used as a basis and use it to create other culinary delights with various fillings.For the preparation you need to take 200 ml of good (preferably homemade) milk, 4 egg yolks, 150 grams of sugar, 200 milliliters of good cream (33 percent) and vanilla (stick or essence).Now we begin to make homemade ice cream.The taste of the Soviet ice cream while we get thanks to high-quality products.To start the fire put on the milk and bring it to a boil.Then, put the vanilla and remove from heat.Better to put the container on ice to quickly cool the liquid.

Separately, beat egg yolks with sugar.Pour the cooled milk into the egg mixture and mix thoroughly.Put the resulting mass is on fire, but do not boil.The mixture should boil and it must be constantly in the way.This moment - the most crucial.Boil impossible, and the egg yolks curdle.You can check the readiness with a wooden spoon.If you hold your finger on it, and will track the delicacy ready.Remove the container from the heat and cool.Separately, beat the cream and mix them with the cooled egg mass.It turns out very air consistency.Put in the refrigerator homemade ice cream.The taste of the Soviet ice cream he assured.An hour later, we obtain a treat from the freezer and stir it with a halo.Send ice cream even for one hour in the freezer.Then we pull out and repeat mixing.After 8 hours, the dessert is ready.The last procedure will make it airy and light.

simple recipe

What do I need to taste homemade ice cream has become a Soviet ice cream?Only 5 simple ingredients.To prepare take two cups of sugar, a small spoon of starch, a liter of milk (better to take home), 100 grams of butter and egg yolks five.Put the pan on the fire with milk and omit the butter in it.We bring mixture to a boil.Separately, blend the sugar, egg yolks and starch.It should get a homogeneous mass.

Now, combine the egg mixture with a small amount of milk and mix thoroughly.It gets an array of similar consistency to liquid sour cream.In a boiling milk-cream mixture introduce trickle yolk mass.Do not forget to stir constantly.We bring the mixture to a boil and remove from heat.Now, it must be cooled as quickly as possible.Put the pan in cold water or ice.Stir the future of ice cream to the cooling process has accelerated.Pour the warm mixture into molds and sent to the freezer.It would be most welcome feature of fast freezing.Then you can bring to the table homemade ice cream.The taste of the Soviet ice cream with pleasure, guests will appreciate.

cream without eggs

Sometimes, under certain circumstances it is necessary to prepare a dessert that does not contain eggs.This recipe is perfect for the occasion.There will be homemade ice cream flavor ice cream Soviet.Without eggs to achieve this is also possible.To prepare take only quality products.Milk is better to use bold, home.You will need 400 grams of milk, 75 grams sugar, 25 grams of milk powder, 10 grams of corn starch and a packet of vanilla.

first mix the sugar, vanilla and milk powder.Then the mixture was poured 350 milliliter of milk.Separately, dissolve the starch in the remaining milk.Adds it to the main ingredients and mix everything well.Now you have to boil until thick foundation dessert.It is necessary to stir constantly.After that, we send ice cream in the freezer for an hour.Then get it and stir well with a mixer.We shift a treat in the form and put it back in the cold for 2 hours.

dessert in the freezer

To prepare, you can use the freezer.To this end we take the same ingredients as in previous recipes.After mixing for dessert place it in the freezer for an hour.Then we shift the weight of the ice cream in a bowl, which is better to be pre-cooled.

comprise stirring for 40 minutes.It forms a soft, airy homemade ice cream.The taste of ice cream in the freezer Soviet also work.You can remove a delicacy in the freezer and place in a sealed container.To not form ice crystals, it is necessary periodically to get ice cream and stir.

Paradise pleasure

This is the original recipe, the taste is reminiscent of chocolate delicacies prepared "Bounty".For the preparation it is necessary to take 100 grams of white and 150 grams of milk chocolate, 50 grams of coconut chips, coconut milk 400 milliliters with pulp, 300 ml cream 5 large spoons of sugar and 2 egg yolks.The process of creating this delicacy is quite simple.Beat the egg yolks with the sugar for about 5 minutes.Then, without stopping the mixer, pour the cream and coconut milk.The result is a homogeneous mass.We pour it into the pan and put in a water bath.Adding to this mix the white chocolate.

Do not forget to get in the way and does not allow a boil.Pour coconut and cool until warm to the mass.Now add the milk chocolate and give it to melt.All mix well.Milk chocolate is completely melt the thus achieve a marble effect.Freezing about 4-5 hours homemade ice cream.The taste of the Soviet ice cream recipe does not provide, but it turns out very tasty dessert.

Diet ice cream

This recipe is suitable for those who are watching their figures.Products for cooking low-fat take.Taste this does not become less interesting.Take 500 ml of milk, three eggs, two tablespoons of cocoa, a teaspoon of starch, three spoons of sugar, vanilla and fresh berries for decoration (optional).To begin, mix starch, sugar, vanilla and cocoa with milk (5 tablespoons).

Separate the yolks from the whites and add them in the remaining milk, which should be slightly warm.Now we mix the two ingredients of the mass container and set on fire.The mixture should thicken to the consistency of custard.Protein whisk until foamy.Without turning off the blender, add a mixture of milk and cocoa.Pour cream into molds to cool and set.

Ice Cream melon

To make this delicious and aromatic dessert takes just three ingredients.Take 250 grams of ripe melons, 250 ml cream and 100 grams of sugar.Melon cleanse and ground using a blender with the sugar.Separately, beat the cream, and then mixed with melon.Send ice cream in the freezer for an hour.Then whisk or electric mixer whisk it again and refrigerate for 5-6 hours.Dessert can be sprinkled with chocolate shavings.


cooking delicacy best of the good, high-quality products.Only then will have a taste of homemade ice cream ice cream Soviet.Comments about this dessert is confirmed.Ice cream is good complement grated chocolate, fresh fruit, jams and preserves.You can use the nuts, which must be pre-peel and fry.Serve a treat can be mild or after a long freeze.Ice cream, prepared with their own hands, it turns out tasty purchased.Rejoice your friends and loved ones.