How many eggs a woman?

Female body is full of secrets and features.Unlike men, the body of the fairer sex is subject to cyclical changes.This article will tell you about the features of the female body.You will learn how the eggs in a woman.Also find out interesting facts about the development of the gametes.

Female body

body of the fairer sex is created for procreation.It is in this process of taking the main part of the egg.It is said that more needed for fertilization and male gamete.Only at the confluence of the two parts of the embryo is formed, which later becomes an embryo.

how many eggs a woman?

sex of the child is put into the womb for about 8 weeks of development.It was during this period in the future of girls begin to form the ovaries and uterus.Up to 20 weeks of follicles growing number of women.It reaches its peak around the middle of pregnancy.How many eggs a woman at that time?The researchers suggest that the number of gametes in a given period of from 6 to 8 million.

Further there is an inverse transform.Female gametes are beginning to undergo screening.At the same time most of them will disappear.By the time of the birth of a girl in the ovary is about one million follicles.However, not all of them will be able to bring posterity.

Home puberty

How many eggs a woman who is able to fertilize?At about 12-17 years girl is faced with the first menstruation.Thereafter, within a year set female cycle.From that moment, the fair sex could be a mother.In the year of a healthy woman comes from 10 to 20 ovulations.During this period of the fair sex has about 300,000 eggs.Every month, this figure is declining.

great role played by the disease of the reproductive system.If a woman, for whatever reasons, removed part of the ovary or body completely, then the number of gametes capable of fertilization, is significantly reduced.Also, the number of eggs are strongly influenced by various hormonal preparations.For example, oral contraceptives inhibits maturation of follicles and ovulation stops.Is it possible in such a way to preserve part of the cells?Doctors give an affirmative answer to this question.

According to statistics, to 35 years in the ovaries in women is about 25 thousand cells.If since the beginning of puberty, the fairer sex will begin taking oral contraceptives, there is a chance to increase this figure.


How many eggs a woman matures each month?All depends on the health of the reproductive system, and genetic predisposition.

In a year the average woman must come from the ovary at least 10 eggs.Physicians allow two or three anovulatory cycle, not consecutive.There are also representatives of the fair sex, who in one menstrual cycle can be allocated more than one gamete.Most often these are the ladies in the family who experienced the birth of two or more children at the same time.


How fertilized ovum in women?Scientists refer to the time period from a few hours to a couple days.

worth noting that sperm can live in a woman's body for up to one week.It is therefore not always need a touch during ovulation to fertilization.Male gametes are waiting rupture of the follicle in the fallopian tubes, reproductive organs or the cervical canal.Once ovulation occurs, and the cell is released from the follicle, it penetrates the sperm therein.

avilable germ cells

How many chromosomes in human eggs?Medics set the fact that every month the woman produced different in structure and content of the cells.Thus, the normal sexual gamete contains 24 chromosomes.Such egg occur in most cases.However, if ovulation has occurred, which resulted in out gamete with a large set of chromosomes, that is, the probability of having a child with pathological syndromes.

Conclusion Now that you know the main interesting facts about eggs and their number.Currently, doctors have developed laboratory tests that allow to find out how many eggs left in the woman's body.It needs to be tested for FSH, luteinizing and Anti-Müllerian hormone.The study is conducted using venous blood in a few days.These will assess the state of health of any woman of reproductive function.Keep their number of germ cells under the control and be always healthy.I wish you success!