Second generations: reviews mothers.

nature intended so that the woman gave birth to children.Procreation is a natural function of the body of the fair sex.In recent years increasingly found mothers who have just one kid.Many attribute this to their employment and the unwillingness of a few years to dedicate the home and care for babies.However, there are women who dare to have a second and subsequent child.This article will tell you that is a process called "second birth."Reviews mothers on this subject is very controversial.Perhaps it all depends on the individual and the structure of the body?Let's try to find out.

Pregnancy and preparing the body for childbirth

What features are second birth?Reviews moms to help you learn about it.Before that, I must say a few words about the natural processes that lead to the event.So, about once (rarely two or three) per month the body produces the fairer sex cell that is fully ready to take part in conception.To do this, she needs male gamete.It is produced during sexual intercourse without contraception.

After the merger, the division of chromosomes begins actively formed structure and its progress towards the genitals.When the embryo is in the right place, there is a strong attachment to the layer of the endometrium.That pregnancy and infancy.Thereafter, during long nine months transformed cells into an embryo, which eventually becomes a small child.


Which is easier, the first or second births?Reviews moms say that the process can be carried out naturally or by caesarean section.Doctors agree completely with the women in this matter.The choice of method depends entirely on the evidence, the state of health of the baby and mothers.Also plays an important role the desire of the future mother.

second birth

reviews given birth mothers, as you have seen, is very controversial.Each process is not that similar to the previous one.To find out exactly what is the difference between the birth of the first, second and subsequent children, we need to parse each feature separately.So, let us analyze how the second birth (maternal responses will be considered at the same time).

As the process begins?

What they - the second birth?Reviews moms say that process is absolutely not similar to each other.If, during the birth of the first-born woman had no idea that it can wait, but this time everything is different.The fairer sex is preparing to go through all the same signs and portents of the approaching appearance of the child.However, it does not always succeed.

If the first birth began with the rupture of membranes, it is not certain that it will be the second time.Remember that every pregnancy is individual.Many women say that at the birth of their first child pricked certain drugs to stimulate the process, as the contractions were weak.In the second time, they were able to give birth alone without the use of various kinds of drugs.All this is due to the fact that the second pregnancy is more natural.A woman's body already knows how the hormone necessary to allocate a certain time, and does it more quickly.

also some half-baked moms say that the first delivery went smoothly and quickly.The second babe did not want to be born, and doctors had to resort to the use of stimulant medications.In this case, there is only one explanation.During pregnancy, there was some kind of hormonal failure, which resulted in such effects.Also, the reason for stopping labor at the second birth may lie in the problems and diseases of the pituitary gland.

when or in what period?

How is birth of the second child?Reviews of women say that the process begins at about the same time.If the fairer sex feel onset of labor at 39 weeks, the kids can follow to appear in 38-40 weeks.

Many women say that all subsequent babies are born a little earlier.So, if the first baby came at 40 weeks straight, the second could show their activity in the 39 or 39.5.Doctors also say that this is not necessary.The kid in the womb as much as he needs for the full development and willingness to live independently from the body mothers.

What can we say about the premature birth of children?How are, in this case the second birth?Reviews of women say that if you have a baby was premature, that is, the probability of recurrence of events.However, it is very small.About four out of five women with preterm labor are introduced to a second child within the prescribed period.However, there is the view that the earlier appearance of the first-born was held, the greater the likelihood of recurrence.Especially exacerbates the situation the emergence of a small gap between the children.

Contractions (the first phase of labor)

How are birth of the second child?Reviews of women say that the process takes less time battles.So, the first stage of labor (when the cervix dilates to 4 centimeters) may last from three hours to one day.This fetal bladder often a.

If the appearance of the first baby has a length of this phase is 12 hours and the second time it may take, and 5-6.As you can see, the time was reduced more than twice.However, this is only the case when both the baby appear independently, without the use of stimulant drugs.

increase the length of the first phase (according to childbirth) can in the case where the first stimulation was used lineages.In most cases, the need for it arises if the integrity of membranes broken and must as soon as possible to proceed to the second phase.Second births reviews nulliparous women have thus rather ambiguous.Women wonder why for the first time it was fast, but quite painful, and at the birth of subsequent children was a long process, but comfortable.

Full disclosure cervical

second childbirth reviews (feeling) bring the following.Women argue that subsequent children appear more comfortable and less painful.All this is due to an interesting fact.Female reproductive system and the pelvic floor muscles are able to accumulate information.So, if you have already had to pass through the birth of a child, the body will never forget.

Some women believe that the big difference between the first and second child (5-7 years) causes all through, like last time.However, it is not.Your muscles and ligaments all remember.The cervix during subsequent childbirth revealed faster and better.Your body already knows what is required of him, and behaves properly.

Passage baby through the birth canal (attempts)

In this section there are two basic feelings: a sense of the future mother and her child.Let's start with the first one.

2 generations of women have the following comments.If both times the child is correctly (upside down), then you will be much easier.As pelvic floor muscles have stretched, and remember that they are required, a child no effort will take place in the birth canal.Attempts at the same time reduced and flow faster than 2 generations.Reviews moms say that if the first time it was necessary to push for about 20 minutes, the appearance of subsequent child was several times faster.

What can we say about the state of the baby at this time?The women claim that the second baby came with higher grades.All kiddies after birth are assigned points.This estimate of breath, skin color and other factors.When the baby gets many vain attempts bluish tint.This is due to the fact that crumbs lacks oxygen at those moments.The blue of the skin significantly reduces delivered score.If the newborn is quickly passed through the birth canal, it is the usual color of the skin.

last stage of labor

After a crumb left genital organ, childbirth is not over yet.Next, the doctor and the woman have to do everything to the last so-called left.The placenta leaves the uterus in about a few minutes after the baby.What is different in this respect, the second pregnancy and childbirth?Reviews say that with the discharge of the placenta may be some difficulties.

Thus, during the second pregnancy baby to a more tightly attached to the wall of the genital organ.If, during the occurrence of the first baby did not have any problems, but this time things may be different.Do not think that you have it all goes unnaturally.Most likely, the child seat separates naturally and quickly.Difficulties commonly experienced by those women who have previously been carried out a caesarean section.

second childbirth easier to first?

reviews in this issue you can also find different.It all depends on the difference between children and during pregnancy.Also plays an important role the mother's age and her position.In the course of the process of having a child can affect a number of factors.So, what have the second birth feedback?

Break 1.5 years - just such a woman needs time to fully recuperate the body.The fairer sex say that the second time it was much easier.This suggests that the body, hormonal and reproductive system is fully prepared for the birth of her second child.Remember that the final cycle and the ovaries restored after the breast-feeding.

If the birth of the second child was held earlier than eighteen months later, the woman may experience the same difficulties that fell to its lot in the last time.For example, many mothers with children the same age say they have re-torn the fabric of the old pieces.This suggests that the body is not prepared properly to the appearance of a second child.

What can we say about the big age difference in children?What feedback have a second birth in this case?If the appearance of the first child has been more than 10 years, the women say that it was very hard.According to the doctors, it is not the difference between births and directly to the health of the newly-fledged mom.When thinking logically, the age of the woman with such a difference in children is more than 30-35 years.During this period, many mothers give birth difficult, no matter what the account is a child.

Caesarean section

should also pay attention to maternity, which are delivered by caesarean section.For a start it should be noted that this procedure is not natural.In contrast to the usual appearance of the baby, it came up with physicians.Of course, this helps save manipulation in some cases, not only the mother but also the baby.However, giving birth women are strongly advised to give preference to such an operation.What do they have in this case, the second birth feedback?On what term operation is conducted?In fact, there are several options for events.Consider them.

cesarean section after vaginal delivery

If a woman gives birth for the second time, in most cases it is easier and faster.But every rule has an exception.For example, if the second baby is in breech position, or has a large weight, doctors strongly recommend to risk their health and life remains.Typically, in such circumstances conduct caesarean sections.What, then, distinguishes two generations?

Reviews nulliparous mothers say that after the first baby (naturally) women are much easier to recover.After surgery, the scar hurt as much and you can not raise a child on their own.However, at this juncture women do not experience pain during childbirth.They do not have to worry bout and attempts.The operation is performed under general anesthesia, and the expectant mother feels nothing.

Natural birth after cesarean

According to statistics, four out of five women can give birth to yourself after such an operation.However, do not always go for it.For expectant mothers will experience all the delights of the first natural birth.The muscles of the pelvic floor and vaginal do not know what is required of them.And this despite the fact that pregnancy in a woman second.

also a natural birth after cesarean can be some complications.The most common of these is the divergence of the scar.This pathology can be deadly to the very mother and her child.That is why doctors carefully monitor the state of stitched fabric in anticipation of the baby before delivery.As the scar is already watching, whether this woman to give birth naturally.

Repeat cesarean section

Most women who have gone through the procedure of Caesarean section, do not agree to give birth naturally.It is their legitimate right.These mothers say that it is easier to move the next step than to feel contractions and pushing.Of course, women are afraid of complications of all kinds.

repeating a woman almost does not feel any difference.All the sensations are similar to the first childbirth: a scar, pain after the procedure, the inability to raise the child and a long stay in the hospital walls.

Doctors strongly recommend to spend more than three such operations.With each subsequent manipulation seam thinning and growing threat of complications during pregnancy.

Twin births

Many women prefer to give birth with her husband or mother.At present, most clinics offer this service.If your first birth took place without the presence of her husband, and the second you decided to go along, then everything could be completely different.Few people will take to argue that a woman is always striving to look attractive.However, during the descent process it is almost impossible.That is why these mothers noted that the second birth was quite different.Expectant mothers are not only felt the pain of contractions, but also felt great embarrassment to her husband.

The other group of women argues that in the presence of her husband, they were much calmer.Husband helping to knead the back and considered the duration of bouts.Also, these women rely completely on your partner and ask him to monitor the work of staff and control everything.In this case the twin births are easier and less painful for the woman.

Psychological side

of women's psychology as are the second birth?Reviews say the following.Many held moms know that they have to survive.They mentally prepare yourself for the pain and torment.That is why it is easier to move everything.Women giving birth are about, what follows what.This makes them feel more confident and secure.

important role played by the preliminary agreement with the medical staff.If you have pre-selected doctor and decided to give birth only to him, you will be psychologically easier and easier.

Summary and Conclusion

So, now you know what features are the second birth: the first is easier, positive feedback in most cases.Keep in mind that not everything can be as intended.However, before the advent of the baby born adjust themselves in a positive way.It is your desire to help the process go more smoothly and painlessly.Surely you remember some of the problems encountered in the past, the appearance of a baby into the world.Pay special attention to these issues.Do everything so that nothing like this has occurred at this time.If necessary, refer to the leading gynecologist.

Before the birth of the child, talk to your doctor, choose a clinic and an obstetrician.If you want to complete your twin births.Create around you the most comfortable environment.Pulmonary delivery to you on time and good health!