The syntactic role of the parts of speech

The proposal is one of the basic units of syntax.It represents a complete thought, and may consist of one or more words.From a grammatical point of view, there are members in the proposal - the main (subject and predicate) and secondary (this definition, supplements the circumstances).What is the role of the syntax of a particular part of speech in a sentence?This question will try to find out as follows: we consider only independent part of speech.

syntactic role noun

Usually a noun acting as a member of the main suggestions or additions.But the characteristic of this part of speech is that it can be any part of a sentence.In its basic role of nouns can be determined, for example, adjectives, pronouns, participles, ordinal numbers with the agreement in categories such as gender, number and case.Also, a noun can be syntactic constructions with verbs, adverbs and predicative words.

syntactic role adjective

most common role of an adjective in a sentence - an agreed definition, but it is not the only one.Adjective can also act as a subject or name of the predicate.For adjectives briefly characteristic act only as a predicate.

syntactic role of adverbs

usual role of an adverb is a fact - of manner, time, place, cause, purpose and extent of the measures.However, sometimes it can be a predicate.There is also a separate group of adverbs that play a role in the proposal of the Union of words.

syntactic role of verb

verb is usually the predicate.Infinitive (if you do not remember - it's infinitive) can also enter into the predicate, or be subject to, supplement, determining factor.

syntactic role Communion

Communion has the same grammatical properties as an adjective in the sentence so often serves as an agreed definition.However, his relationship with the verb also allows communion in some cases be just a part of the predicate, but it is characteristic only for the short forms.In addition, the communion with dependent words, a so-called participial, who, as an indivisible structure, can be almost any secondary member.

syntactic role gerunds

gerundive the proposal appears only circumstance.However, as part of verbal participle phrases it may be another member of the secondary offer, but it is important to remember that turnover is regarded as a unit.

syntactic role pronouns

role pronoun depends on the category to which it belongs.Since the variety of pronouns gives them the opportunities they can act as a subject, predicate, and additional definitions - depending on the context.

syntactic role numeral

numerals in a sentence can be both subject and predicate, and the determination of time or circumstance.As you can see, nothing complicated.