How to use a compass in the woods: Recommendations

At a time when satellite navigation devices have become a common thing, seemingly lost in the woods almost impossible.However, in practice it is not.Every year, especially during the season of collecting mushrooms and berries, emergency workers have to search for missing people in different regions of Russia - and not only citizens, but also those who consider the forest their home.

GPS-navigator - a thing, of course, useful.But in the forest can happen: got the battery, dropped, broken, and so on. N. So come to the aid of the simplest magnetic compass.This device, which is known to mankind has been for centuries.The main thing - to know how to use a compass in the woods.

Magnetic Compass is the most simple, but reliable device.The principle of it is based on the interaction of Earth's magnetic field and the magnetization direction, which rotates around its axis, always located along the magnetic field lines.

In principle, the use of a compass is simple.One has only to release the magnetic needle, and after a few seconds it its blue finish, which usually resembles an arrowhead, will unfold in the north.Reverse end of the arrow (red) will indicate the direction to the south.Accordingly, if you stand face to the north, then to your right is the east, and to the left - west.Keep in mind that near power lines or railroad (as well as in the areas of magnetic anomalies) the compass may be disrupted.

Anyone, regardless of gender or age, may well be in a situation where you need to determine your location and direction of movement, and therefore the knowledge of how to learn to use a compass, not hurt anyone.

Verifying device

Going to the nature and repeating how to use a compass in the woods, you must make sure that it is working properly.To do this:

  • Place the compass on a flat surface.
  • Give direction to calm down.
  • Hold the compass to any metal object to display the arrow out of balance, and then remove the subject sharply.
  • Make sure that the arrow is returned to its original position.If this does not happen - it is impossible to use such a device.

How to use the compass on the ground

Before heading into the woods:

  • First of all, choose for yourself those guidelines that will help in the future to find a way back.In other words, it is "tied" to the area.
  • as a benchmark must be selected linear objects (roads, clearing, power lines and so on. N.), From which can be sent in either direction, but only at right angles.
  • Stepping back a certain distance from the reference point so that he was in the line of sight, you need to turn around to face him, to pick up the compass and release the arrow.After it stops rotation, expand the appliance in a horizontal plane so that the arrow points at the end of its blue label "C» («N»), and red - on a "U» («S»).
  • on the scale of the compass to determine the direction in degrees to the selected reference point (can be done visually or with the help of an object, say, twigs).This is the direction in which then need to be returned - you must remember.Now it is possible to enter the timber in a direction different from that measured at 180 degrees.

How to use a compass in the woods to return to the reference point:

  • Open in the hands of a compass in such a way that conventional line of sight passes through the center of the compass, and a given azimuth.
  • Release arrow and rotates around its axis, be aligned with the direction of its "north-south".
  • move in the wrong direction, which is directed gaze.

To avoid getting lost, it is best to make periodic refinement course route - both when moving in the forest, and upon exit.

Even if you know how to use a compass in the woods, should follow a simple rule - before heading into unfamiliar terrain, you need to think in advance how to get out of it.In no case can not deviate from the planned route.If this happened - you should not panic.It should be easy to understand the situation and make the right decision.