Lessons astromineralogii: Onyx (stone).

Onyx - the world's oldest known gems.Mineralogists refer it to the family of agate.Unmarked gems are colored strips that dot the his "body."Their thickness can vary from the smallest micron to clearly visible 2-3 millimeters.This natural mineral pattern gives a special beauty and elegance.Luster wax stone, the play of light on its surface makes products jewelers especially charming and attractive.

Onyx - the story in detail

What is interesting Onyx (stone)?Properties stone begin to describe his name.It is consonant with the Greek word translated into other languages ​​as "nail".And the ancient name of a mineral close to the same value.It is connected with the form of the gem, the most frequently encountered in nature and is very similar to the thumb nail of a human hand.In general, it has a very, very ancient history Onyx (stone).The properties of the stone and he is mentioned in the chapters of Genesis of the Old Testament, and then the remaining pages of the Bible.For instance, King Solomon loved and valued minerals, decorated them his throne, wore in the rings and beads.This Holy Book tells us in great detail.And then extracted on the territory of Egypt, Algeria, India and Afghanistan, onyx (stone).Properties stone studied sages, healers, magicians and alchemists.Gems with strips of black or white shades more they became known as chalcedony.And minerals, "dressed" in white and brown-brown "sailor" - onyx.

Onyx magic

ancient civilizations - the Egyptians, Hindus, Sumerians - considered sacred onyx (stone).The properties of the stone as a magic talisman used when the statue of the deity was inserted into the eye.They did it with such skill that the black strips accounted neatly in place pupils.When they fell light eyes sparkled and shimmered as if alive.And it seemed that the statue watching mortals as they perform their will.Moreover, the priests and magicians were quite sure - idols really see everything, because includes a stone-onyx magical properties associated with the gift of prophecy, insight, vsevideniya.For the same reason, because of this mineral experienced jewelers Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome before our era knew how to cut gems with ritual and sacred signs, pentagrams, pictures.Yes, and the onyx, in ancient times, too, often called Gemma and Jamie.

Esoteric properties of stone

believed this gem indispensable talisman for those who are seriously engaged in magic, communicate with the spirits, visits the astral world.Indeed, on the one hand, it absorbs and cures all kinds of negative, negative, hostile power, "affected assumption" on the host mineral.On the other hand, it attracts healthy energy, accumulates safety, the life force of the body.Those who are in possession of onyx, are persistent, self-assured, cease to be a hypochondriac, only fear.Rulers, public people, representatives of the Justice of the ring with the mineral may be useful as a talisman, protection against sudden death.The ancient Aztecs prized stones especially juicy color, reminiscent of green apple.It is believed that they are the most magical powers.And the Indians have seen in him a source of constant luck.In addition, as a sedative amulet for depression, neurasthenia, unbalanced psyche also applies onyx.Stone property (Sign plays a role) medical implements primarily for those patients who are born under the sign of Capricorn, Libra, Taurus, Aquarius and Cancer.Male members of it increases the potency.A lithotherapy experts recommend to the affected area to put heated stones and thus cast ailments.

That such a wonderful stone!