How to manage the "Android" through "Android."

Tablets are increasingly in demand as a convenient tool for the consumption of digital data.In addition, they provide almost unlimited access to any games, movies, books.Moreover, if the reading of the text on the small screen of the gadget can be quite acceptable, watching movies (if not in the way) requires a larger diagonal screen.For this tablet as a multimedia device connected to the TV with a large or very large diagonal.In order to do this, you must know how to operate a computer through the "Android".

synchronization devices

actually connect the tablet to a PC a snap.HDMI-cable that is inexpensive and are on sale everywhere.However, the following difficulty arises - playback control, as the cable length will reach out to the couch, and running to the device as needed quite inconvenient.Good to be controlled at a distance, for example, using a smartphone.And it might help freeware utility Tablet Remote.Thanks to the easy to understand and follow the instructions on how to manage the "Android" through "Android."

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What is the application?

Tablet Remote - is a specialized utility which allows you to control your tablet using your mobile phone.It has a couple of features that need to know.

Firstly, it is not a system for remote access when granted full control of the device, such as Team Viewer.Tablet Remote functions using keyboard shortcuts transmission via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth channels.Because of this limited opportunity to actions such as brightness control, volume, play, and some others.

Second, the utility does not require administrator privileges, then it starts almost every device.This greatly distinguishes it from other similar utilities.To start using the program you want to install it on both devices.After starting on the tablet Tablet Remote user will see an animated and unusual interface.

How to manage the "Android" through "Android": User

To start you want to mark both the existing options in the SETUP.This will use the program as a remote keyboard.Then you need to open another section - CONNECTION.It requires clicking the icon with the image of the radar detection and waiting for phone tablet.

Before that want to run the utility Tablet Remote smartphone.When the connection is displayed on the screen, click on it to connect devices.For some, such a configuration may seem daunting, but it is required only once.Next will be sufficient only to run the program and Connect gadgets in one motion.

The device used as a remote control, configuration easier.It is necessary to start the program and go to the section REMOTE.There are bodies of regulation in the form of buttons to control the brightness, volume, media player and so on.It is important that the control operates in two modes: landscape and portrait.In normal position the smartphone runs on the tablet playing video or music.After changing the mode, it functions as a game controller.Excellent acting playback of MX Video Player, Double Twist, PowerAmp.

Consequently, utility Tablet Remote provides a real opportunity for remote control of the tablet, which is connected to Display set-top box.This method of how to manage the "Android" through "Android" may not be as convenient as specialized solutions with a remote control, but it is free and uses the available devices without having to buy new ones.

phone as a remote control

Often when watching TV is difficult to find the remote, while the mobile phone all the time there.There is a desire: "Ideally, if the mobile was a television remote control."Today, it is already a reality - just how to manage laptop via the "Android".Controlling the TV is possible with any smartphone based on Android.This function does not support every TV, but Smart TV from LG and Samsung may see a smartphone as a remote control.A good example would be to control your TV Samsung Smart TV ES6100W using a smartphone LG Optimus L7, based on the Android 4.0 operating system with the function of Wi-Fi.

LG Optimus L7 will work as a TV remote control, and as a touchpad for him.To turn the smartphone into a remote control, it requires the connection of the TV and telephone in a single network.This is done with the help of Wi-Fi-router, which will bring together in a single network device.Then, on a smartphone installed software Samsung Remote (only for TVs Samsung).It can be downloaded from Google Play for free.


After installing the program on your phone (it is suitable for any smartphone based on Android, therefore, control can be any phone), you can run it.Then you need to turn on the TV, press the Refresh button in the program on a smartphone Samsung Remote to find and connect to a TV.

After that appears on the TV news report.It will require the permission of using the smartphone as a remote.Immediately after the phone will work as a television remote.So, make adjustments and test in practice how to manage the "Android" through "Android" do not pose any difficulty.This is how you can simplify your life and do not look around the room control.

About Team Viewer

In addition to using the smartphone as a remote control to the TV, it is possible to control the computer through the phone "Android" with the help of a special program Team Viewer.

Initially, test capabilities and the interface is optional install it on the computer.Team Viewer can run on a tablet or a phone, and enter in the Team Viewer ID 12345 digits (no password required).The result of this is the connection to Windows-demonstration session where you can see the features and interface of the program to control remote access to the computer.

To fully use TeamViewer need to install it on the computer to which you plan to connect remotely.It is enough to install TeamViewer Quick Support, but it's better to use the free full version of the program and set up "uncontrolled access."It will connect to the remote desktop at any time if the PC is turned on at this time and can access the Internet.

How to run this program?

Once installed on your computer you need to run Software Team Viewer on a mobile device, and enter the ID, then click on "Remote Control".When prompted for a password or specify the password, generated automatically by the program, or one that was installed during setup "uncontrolled access."Once connected, will appear first instruction to use gestures on the display device, and then your computer desktop on your tablet or phone.Thus, it is possible without any special effort to control the PC via "Androide."

On your mobile device using the buttons on the bottom panel TeamViewer can change mouse control, bring up the keyboard or use gestures for Windows 8 in the process of connecting to a computer with this operating system.You can restart the computer remotely transmit key combinations and pinch zoom.This can be useful for phones with small screen.

process of file transfer platform for the TeamViewer Android

In addition to the control computer, you can use TeamViewer for file transfer in both directions between the phone and the computer.To execute instructions on how to run the Android through the Internet, when entering ID for the connection, you need to select the "Files" below.In the process of working with files in the program are two of the screen.One of them is the file system of the remote computer, and the other - the mobile device, between which it is possible to copy the file.

In reality, the use TeamViewer on Android is not particularly difficult, even for beginners.After experimenting with a program everyone can figure out how to operate a computer through the "Android".