Amethyst - stone widow.

Amethyst - one of the finest semi-precious stones.It is a transparent crystal of quartz group, which has an unusually pleasant violet color.The name "amethyst" - the Greek and means "free from alcoholism."This mineral has always been used as a magic cure for alcoholism.

Amethyst made to wear those who prefer not to create a family.Very loved him once widows and widowers who have decided to remain faithful to his dead second half always.Therefore, amethyst and referred to so far - widow stone.Often, it can also be seen on all sorts of monks and priests.Catholics, for example, it is considered a "bishop" and the Orthodox "arihiereyskim."It is customary to decorate the church of clothing has been far more than a century.

Widow stone is not at all times and in all countries was a widow.The ancient Sumerians, for example, thought he was the strongest love potion remedy.The priests of this state know that amethyst can cause love to the donee, who presented the stone.And even in that case, if the first had already had a mistress or a lover.That is why in the Middle Ages has been taken to present the product of this stone betrothed girl or newly married.

Amethyst is often used for the treatment of not only drinking, but also many other diseases.For example, it can help with nervous illness.If you have concerns about anything or irritation, you should wear an amethyst.Widow stone can produce power of the person back to normal, acting soothing and calming.It is necessary to wear it and those who want to keep the family together.He is able to strengthen the brand, any communication, not only love, but also business.

Often widow stone put into the water in order to charge it with positive energy.Amethyst is necessary to hold the vessel at least one night.Such water perfectly helps against colds and cure diseases of the liver and kidneys.Amethyst is very useful for the skin.It has long been considered a rejuvenating mineral.In order to get rid of wrinkles, it is necessary from time to time to smooth their stone.In the same way it can be displayed and freckles.

To remove the headache is also often used stone widow.Whatever intrusive nor has insomnia, he will cope with it.In addition, amethyst can enhance the intuitive ability of the owner, to strengthen memory and even cure mental illness.Very often it is also used as an amulet against the evil eye and spoilage.It is believed that this stone can cure stuttering at any age, if you wear it constantly.

Men usually wear the product with it on the ring finger of his right hand, and women - left.It goes well with it with silver.Worth widow stone (amethyst) compared to other precious minerals, relatively inexpensive, and therefore, of course, you need to buy at least one crystal in order to strengthen the family, to achieve peace of mind and protect yourself from all sorts of negative influences.Well, if you do not believe in magic, and all sorts of mysticism, it would be just wonderful decoration.