Removal of damage to death, what will?

Removal of damage to death it is possible to carry out on their own.There are only the necessary conditions.Let's consider them.

What damage

Each person has his own energy field.Corruption - a deliberate impact on the power to cause harm.In this case - death.That is inadvertently purchase such damage is impossible!It is aimed specifically.It can turn into a variety of options: from an accident to a serious illness.Removal of damage to the death begins with its detection.If in your life happen improbable events that threaten your life, chances are that you have been attacked by an outside energy.The same can be said about a man who suddenly discovered that terminally ill.This information can tell you a fortune-teller.

How to remove damage to death

Remove negativity can be using chicken eggs.What to do and how?Remove damage to death, you can obkatyvaya body egg.This procedure is not so much difficult as long.This one time is not enough!It is necessary to hold it at least 7 times.A better - every day for a month.For the ritual need the live eggs.That is, those that were not in the refrigerator.If possible, better to buy the village, fresh.For the procedure, you will need an assistant.The best option is considered to be a spouse or blood relative.Do not worry, your assistant will not be affected.He needs to roll the egg on your body (completely) from head to toe.Circles do clockwise slowly, not looking up from the skin (clothing).It is recommended to read the prayer.Suitable Our Father.But it is recommended to enhance and further the 90th Psalm recall.Removal of damage to death will require your helper some sensitivity.It should closely monitor the egg: potyazhelel, it's time to focus on today.Note that the first time this ritual will deprive you of forces.Corruption will resist!Do not stop.Further, it will be easier.But the first time will need to break in the whole body.The negative energy in this case will move to the egg.In order that it does not accidentally hit by another living creature, an egg is recommended to refer to the cemetery.

How to remove the damage to the death of a fully

There is another important condition to remove the negative.You must get rid of the hatred of the man who "awarded" you have such a terrible "gift."Removal of damage to death goes much easier if you do not experience negative emotions.It is known that the saints are no negative impacts of Energy does not "stick."Corruption will go much faster if you find the strength to forgive the offender.It is clear that this is not easy!It recommended several times to visit the church and light a candle "for the health of" the offender.Try sincerely wish him luck, no matter who you know or not.

to power is not transferred to the assistant

After each procedure is very useful to light the church candles and pray sincerely.Then let the assistant hold hands over the flame.So burn all that could to them "stick".