How to get rid of corruption?

Today, probably, everyone already knows that it is necessary to treat not only the body but also the soul.So everyone realizes that damage, the evil eye and other bad influences need to get rid of.


There are many ways how to get rid of corruption.All of them are good and powerful, so nothing is better not to neglect.So great help to purify the soul from the negative influence of her prayers.Every day should begin and end with a reading of at least "Our Father."You also need to periodically visit the church to confess.Unbaptized people necessarily need to be baptized, everyone is important to wear a pectoral cross.These simple steps will not only help remove damage, but also will prevent its further "attachment."

reason evil

following advice on how to get rid of corruption: the house must be good to check for the presence of foreign objects.All that has been found (including those in the street) it is necessary to burn away from home.We must explore all pillows, mattresses and duvets, if there is found hair, debris, or other items, they also need to burn.During the burning of things it is important not to get under the smoke.And, of course, need to read the "Our Father."There is a logical question: why do this?It's simple.Very often, their negativity, disease or trouble people in the know "being moved" on the subject, which then throws a new owner of these failures.A fire is known to clean, so it is one of the first steps.

How to get rid of the damage with the help of water

most common way of getting rid of the negative effects on the human soul - the use nagovorennoy water.Cook it yourself, you can read some prayers.It is important to remember this simple rule: nagovorennuyu sure to keep the water just under the lid.This water can wash, drink it, it is even possible to swim in its entirety.It all depends on the nature of corruption: what it is and what impact it brings harm to humans.


And how to get rid of corruption?Healers advised to prepare a special liqueur, which will need to take some time.For this you will need a crybaby, a thistle, or mugwort - 100 grams of dried herbs that need to pour 0.5 liters of vodka and put in a dark place to infuse.After 10 days, the infusion should start to take 1 tablespoon three times a day with water nagovorennoy.


Another way of how to get rid of the damage on their own: you need to find a swift river and walk through it.At this time you need to read a special prayer to purify.It is believed that rapid water removes all bad person, taking it with him.If the winter is on the street, you can simply dip his feet in cold water without sinking into it entirely.


In order to get rid of corruption, also required a positive attitude.No need to be discouraged or depressed, none of this does not become easier.If there is some problem, you need to try to buy off of it.For example, here's a way to get rid of debt damage: to give people all the debt that we have.For every coin that is given to the need saying: "Go away, dear, with the good.Come only with your friends. "After each return debt is necessary to read the "Our Father."And, of course, do not try to borrow.