Recruitment senior and middle managers

Recruitment implies a series of targeted actions, whose main goal - to attract job candidates with the necessary qualities to achieve the goals of the organization.

Simply put, recruitment implies a search, assessment and recruitment of professionals, willing and able to work, and thus endowed with the necessary competencies and are able to share the company's values.

quality recruitment will increase the company's profits, increase productivity and "fighting spirit" of the team staff.All this will allow us to develop dynamically.

unprofessional or poor-quality selection - this failure to comply with the objectives, timing failures, failures in business processes and business plans of the company.As a result, the head again need to spend money on search and selection of a new team.It should be noted that system errors can and does lead to a substantial increase in cost to the business.

recruitment services at a professional level are offered by specialized companies.At the same time the results of a third party is sure to delight the company, the customer is not only the quality of work, but also the positive results of the work created by the collective.

Recruitment by three known methods:

1. Screening.Search and selection of candidates is carried out by the formal requirements to which the position, education, wages, work experience, gender, age, etc.

2. Recruiting.Search and recruitment is carried deepened formulated by taking into account the formal signs.To this end, each candidate is interviewed experts outside organization.Their aim is to clarify the business skills, knowledge and skills of job seekers, as well as their personal characteristics.Also important compatibility with the business culture of the contracting authority.

3. Executive search.Applicants are not classified according to the position, and on the business objectives of the client.This method is more like a project work, based on a thorough study of the market taking into account the characteristics of the customer's business.Also taken into account the workplace, business and personal qualities of the candidate.This selection technology is the most effective, but the most labor intensive and therefore expensive.

main advantages of treatment in specialized recruitment agencies are to a large database of candidates resume worked.Therefore, timing of a recruiter worked separately minimal.Timeframes may fluctuate depending on the complexity and urgency of the required positions.As a rule, professionals in the medium term is 5-7 working days.

It should be noted that the specialized agencies to conduct individual appraisal interview, which is a major advantage of the cooperation with the organization.Interviews can properly assess the professional qualities, motivation to identify and evaluate the personal characteristics of the candidates.