Indian numerology - a reliable prediction of the future?

There is plenty of scientific evidence for this, but other than serious studies proved there is another.Probably quite unscientific, but exact - Indians and Gypsies have in common a love for divinations and predictions.

In India, like so guess what they are doing is using absolutely any items.And so the Indian numerology so diverse that describe all its forms is simply impossible.Let us consider the three most common.

Guessing on gold jewelry.For gold the Indians are biased.For them it is a symbol of wealth and "reserve fund" of the family, and the mystical divine metal.Most often, the Indians are wondering chain.Recognizing their future with the help should be on a moonless night.You need to sit down, take a string and rub it in your hands for as long as it is heated.After that, the chain is shifted to the right hand, shaken and thrown on the table.The chain will fall on the table in the form of certain figures, which must be correctly interpreted.Effective this Indian guessing until the end of the current lunar month.So, if the chain is laid around, then your life will soon be moving on the usual circle.The resulting triangle - good luck in love and business.If the triangle shape is more like a heart, about the things you can not think - only love, or rather, a lot of different love.The chain fell a flat line - everything is smooth and successful.But if it is tied in a knot - not good - the problem, loss, illness.And meandering line also not good - you must be very careful, do not trust even the closest.If the chain has developed into a beautiful butterfly or bow, the troubles can be expected, although special gifts too - to be an ordinary family peace of mind.Predictions using gold ornaments were considered very accurate, although it is the Indian numerology is simple.

addition to gold like the Indians guessing via a domino chips, each of which has its own significance and predict a certain outcome.Knuckles mixed ("face" down) and taken out one by one three times, to know what it was, how things are now, and what is expected in the future.Each pulling dominoes are placed from left to right in a straight line without changing its position.In the middle of the series will knuckle, telling about the present, to her left - the past, the right - on the future.Blank cell indicates the very guess one means a journey deuce - close and native.The number three on the knuckle - the joys and troubles related to love, and four - with monetary interests.The number five - a job or career, but six - just luck, success.This Indian divination great ease its interpretation.For example, if you had the knuckle "three-two", assistance on the love front comes from relatives, and if counter lay on the contrary - "two or three", you find yourself caught up in matters of the heart of a loved one.

But of course the most common form of divination - a tarot cards.Indian cards for divination quite similar to any other.The deck of cards is 25, the fragment containing four images, each of which is located in the sector.Fortune-telling begins with a shuffling, followed by a clearly formulated question that and given cards.Aloud or mentally.Next, the period of divination.Usually - two months, but it may be more than a short period, as long as it is a multiple of five.After this card is laid out in order in five rows of five cards that are very similar to the way are scattered solitaire.Therefore, it is guessing, and became known as "divination Indian Solitaire."The decomposed card carefully considered.If there is at least one fully developed image, then the hidden event occurs.But certainly it appears the interpretation of the whole picture, which turned out, in conjunction with the surrounding fragments.Especially popular this method among the various types of online divination.