Hartebeest African tribes.

said that bad dancer something interferes.Between Kenya and Somalia hartebeest roam the tribe, men who are substantially different from the traditional notion of a strong half of mankind.

especially men of the tribe hartebeest

The men of the tribe who have reached the age of sexual maturity, the testes grow to epic proportions - up to 70-80 cm in diameter!This phenomenon is caused by a non-traditional diet, which is practiced among the male gender in the African tribe hartebeest.So, the boys from the very earliest childhood and puberty up to eat menses cows.It is believed that this kind of menu helps to cope with several diseases, among which are the rickets, scurvy and leukemia.

Moreover, the tribe hartebeest - in particular, his men - believe that cow licking the genitals making them much stronger and braver.This tradition is rooted in the distant past.As for the scientific point of view, eating menstrual cow is in the human body irreversible hormonal changes that, in turn, cause an increase in the scrotum to epic proportions.

What's really going on?

Some sources claim that hartebeest - a subspecies of the large ancient North African antelope.There is quite a logical question: "And what is the relationship between the tribe and the eponymous hartebeest antelope cow?"It's really very simple - the fact that Africa is the richest continent in terms of natural resources, and yet it is the poor and underdeveloped regions.The lack of education and proper health care, water and sanitation greatly affected the citizens of all countries on the continent under the name of Africa.Hartebeest - a tribe that has nothing except their sacred cows.

worth noting that such a specific component bubalskogo diet has no negative effects on the reproductive function of African men, but certainly it is a source of some other health problems.

From the point of view of science ...

Scientists from Italy recently have discovered an interesting fact.It turns out that menses cows are the source of a number of vitamins and useful elements.Thus, they contain B vitamins (B6 and B12), E and D, as well as calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium are more than compensate for the lack of minerals and other useful elements in the body.

Hunger and thirst forcing the inhabitants of the African continent to follow closely the nature.What came of it?The result is obvious - cow licking the genitals, hartebeest tribe believes that this will help them to become much stronger and more courageous.Moreover, nomadic believed that this process is beneficial to the animal and facilitating delivery.It should be noted that as a result of such a procedure, specific cow actually much more actively secrete milk.

This strange tribe hartebeest

Photos from various sources eloquently demonstrate the effect of prolonged use of menstrual flow.It is worth noting that such a large testicles do not interfere with the male half of the tribe.The only bad thing that there is - it is insignificant discomfort when traveling.But they can sit on a pillow.

Eating cow excreta - is not the only oddity hartebeest African tribe.There is one very specific ritual, which in susceptible individuals may cause a feeling of disgust.Therefore, if you are a person with a thin mental organization, it is best to finish this introduction with a strange tribe.And those who want to learn some more amazing facts, waiting for a very unusual information.

not only large genitals

Representatives mysterious tribe hartebeest there is another strange feature.Every day - at dusk and dawn - to protect themselves from the bothersome and sometimes dangerous insects, bubaltsy take a very unusual shower.This ritual can cause an attack of disgust any normal person.Thus, the nomads every morning and evening, thoroughly wash your body cow urine.

Caring mom thoroughly wash away the heads of their kids, and older kids take a shower by yourself, putting your body under the animal's feces.Not at all surprising that people try to avoid the insects, which are a mile away from bears ammonia.It is worth noting that due to this unusual ritual hair bubaltsev often painted in a copper color.

scientific point of view of the incredible size

nomadic tribe hartebeest repeatedly been investigated by different groups of scientists, so that last came to the conclusion that the use of menstrual animals helps protect against the dangerous disease - anemia.Some scientists have eloquently described the abnormal size of the scrotum and the cause of the deviation.These are the Venereal Diseases suffered by men of the tribe hartebeest.

distributed predominantly in tropical countries parasites enter the bloodstream and accumulate in the blood vessels and lymph nodes, causing chronic inflammation, which in turn leads to a thickening of the fiber and the skin directly.

Chronic process occurring in the body of nomads periodically exacerbated, leading to an increase in the size of the scrotum, which is subsequently returned to its former state.Hartebeest African tribes, in particular the men, suffering from a severe infectious disease, whose official name is - Brug's filariasis.Currently, scientists developed a drug that combats the effects of parasites, but the savages of Africa they are unfamiliar.

Tribe bad dancers

strange customs and traditions are so firmly rooted in everyday life bubaltsev that root them in any way possible.It should be noted that throughout the continent inhabited by a lot of different tribes, each of which is different kind of behavior.Who knows?Perhaps at the other inhabitants of hot Africa there are even more amazing features in comparison with which the use of cows' menstrual seem innocent childish prank.

tribe in Africa - hartebeest - not only in whose diet consists of animal excrement.Of course, such a specific way of eating can not affect the human body.Irreversible hormonal changes substantially violate some of the features, but with the reproduction of their kind at the bubaltsev okay.Moreover, increased to epic proportions scrotum is often used as a comfortable pillow, and some discomfort when walking, you can safely close your eyes.