"The early bird catches the worm feeds": the value of sayings

all in Russian proverb: "He who gets up early, God gives."However, today it is a popular expression often ostracized.After all, life is changing, and changing very outlook on Russian proverbs and sayings.The fact that in ancient times it was an indisputable truth, today is no longer a rule of conduct.More

have time to do - get more revenue

In the old days, when there was no electricity, saying, "The early bird catches the worm feeds" was relevant.Although, of course, no higher power no one will add wealth, no matter how early man rose.The meaning of this expression is not in time lifting, and hard work, the number of cases completed during daylight hours.You can get up and dawn, but to sit on the bench with arms folded and do nothing - except it will become richer?

Another cause of these sayings can be considered that people getting up at noon, before nightfall make few cases, therefore, in the evening he will have to light a lamp or a candle.A poor man is - the extra costs.Naturally, in those families where every day was spent kerosene and candles, money was less.

Although hard work early in the morning until dark, and a little to help the poor common people get rich as history proves.They got up sometime before dawn and then to catch at least something to do on your site until the hour of working out of serfdom owner.But those who had rolled away the fate of wealth at birth, could stay in bed all day though, spending time in entertainment, but still only be rich and grew fat.

rural working life

Many Russian proverb invented the common people.They are based on practical experience of peasant, because Russia in the past has been an agrarian country, agriculture was the main industry.Hence the phrase, "The early bird catches the worm feeds" just reveals the basic sense of rural life.Actually, for those who now live in villages and keep their own farm, and these words are now the basic rule in working life.

It requires early to drive cattle on grasslands that before sunrise she could eat well.Ave., late to the pasture to pasture the herd - will remain hungry beast, and therefore does not pick up weight, cows and goats give less milk.Those who held these animals, knows how difficult then to increase their milk yield.

And if the village is not the common herd, it is still a saying: "The early bird catches the worm feeds" is of great importance.After sunrise wakes midges, gadflies, horseflies that stings hurt cattle, do not let it graze, driven into the bushes or in the body of water.

mow the grass in the hay also possible only in the early morning dew.And it dries out at sunrise, and just spit squeezes grass.Therefore, fans long to bask in bed can stay in the winter without feed for cattle.

Yes, and agricultural labor is dependent on daylight.In the garden after all not yet provided lights, under which it is possible to plant, weed, thin out seedlings, water beds.I do not have time for a day to perform the most cases - will remain without an abundant harvest of good in the fall.But the one who in time to cope with all the agricultural work, will definitely be a good income when the deadline comes.

modern life citizens

Many Russian sayings for residents of cities now look at least silly.For example, unnatural demand early lift from a man who needs to intrude on this day to work in the evening or night shift.Well, what results can be expected from a sleepy surgeon or already tired after the household chores machinist?And the workers of restaurants, nightclubs, conductors, machinists to work have a good rest.In addition, otherwise they work will not be effective, sleep deprivation may badly affect the health.

way, the option of payment of electricity by day and night tariff is also contrary to the old adage.After washing on modern automatic machines at night will greatly save.Yes, and work on the computer, watching TV, cooking on an electric stove at night, not during the day - this is also the economy.So it turns out that it is cheaper to do housework after 23 hours and up to 7 am.

pereinachenny sayings

Wit people often directed at conservative people who are all trying to subdue once upon a time the established rules.Therefore, Russian proverbs alter, turning into a funny expression, changing their meaning.

«Who gets up early, that the whole day in a dream tends", "Before you get up, go to bed earlier," "who had got up to prepare breakfast and" - here are some sarcastic phrases, which are based on the old dogmas.

mode of human activity - a characteristic

And proved division of people into "owls" and "larks" is largely due to a mockery of this proverb.After all, a man who has the highest activity is shown in the second half of the day, suffering both physically and mentally, if he has to go up early and get to work.And the result of the activities of such people often depends on when the work was performed.This is especially true of people of creative professions, who often prefer to create their own masterpieces in the evening or even late at night.Perhaps, we should not so serious today relate to an old Russian proverb, and try to live by them?

value of proverbs and sayings today

course, pointless to argue, people are always wise.And he came up with good sayings, meaningful and lasting proverbs.However, modern man should be able to understand they are not literally, but to try to capture the deeper meaning of folk wisdom.

  1. not in how many hours you get to work, lies the meaning of the expression, "The early bird catches the worm feeds".Everything is much more complicated.And the important thing is how many important and necessary things you manage to perform per day.
  2. God has not filed any favors as early man may have got out of bed, if he is lazy and stupid.His wealth of everyone will have to create their work and intelligence.
  3. concept of "early to rise" is to be understood not in relation to specific hours, according to when the man began to relax.Do not rest more than what is needed by the body, it does not need extra hours to lie idle.

Finally ...

And the most important rule, which every individual should strictly adhere to, is that we do not take the truth someone else's opinion, except for the axiom, even folk sayings.Because each of them can always choose another, that will have the opposite meaning.