How to protect your online property?Certificate of state registration of rights to an Internet resource and a site inspection

State registration of

virtual business like any other business activities related to the risk of unfair competition.And if in reality the protection of their own interests is doable task thanks to the material evidence, in the virtual space to prove the fact of infringement is very difficult.To the owner of a resource can confidently challenge the illegal actions of third parties, it is appropriate to issue the appropriate certificate of state registration law.

Internet resources, the functioning of which is one of the programming languages ​​(PHP, Perl) recognized computer software.The site owner who is interested in the legal protection of its structure and working mechanism may apply to Rospatent and obtain a certificate of registration of property rights.If the development of resources is carried out by third parties, it is important to have on hand the relevant contract, payment documents and other papers, confirming the performance and delivery of the work.Sites created using HTML, are not considered as computer programs.In this case it is necessary to protect the domain name, name, advertising slogans and logos, issued the certificate of state registration of rights in the manner provided for trademarks.In both cases, the preparation of a specific set of documents from the competent drafting of which depends the duration of the process.For this reason, it is recommended to consult a patent attorney.The certificate of registration of the right makes it possible to sell the acquired intellectual property, and to provide it in use for a fee.

Notary inspection site.

Opportunities Internet space allows an attacker to destroy all traces of your activity for a minimum period.In order to fix the offense, and prove to the court that the author objects to the unlawful use of foreign resources in a certain period of time, you must use notary services site inspection.It should be noted that this procedure requires promptness and professional can be called into the territory of the client urgently.Visit the site will prevent the theft of text content, video and audio materials, graphics, domains, trademarks, and design registration.

According to the legislation, the assurance of virtual pages is made at the request of the person concerned, if there are fears that in the future it will be impossible to provide evidence of any difficult.When contacting the notary site owner must present a passport;registration and constituent documents (if the activity is conducted on behalf of the organization);documents of title to the resource (certificate of state registration of rights, the contract for the development, etc).The notary prints the pages of your site with illegally placed materials, indicating his email address and the current date, and then draw up a protocol on completed actions.Then the documents stapled, shall be signed by participants in the process and seal of a notary.The minutes may be accompanied by video and audio directly attributable to a violation.It should be emphasized that this type of software is only possible evidence in cases not yet submitted to the Court.

certificate of state registration of Internet resources and promptly produced a site inspection guarantee the successful outcome of the trial, in which the defendant is obliged to compensate both material damage caused by illegal actions, and legal fees.