Do I need to treat hyperactive children?

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children who used to be branded as notorious "daredevils", it is now easier to live.Doctors put them diagnosed with "hyperactivity" and thereby protect small quibbles fidgets from adults.And if there is a diagnosis, and treatment should be.

full name of the diagnosis, which can supply only a pediatric neurologist - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).The question of whether to treat hyperactivity in children, causing heated debate.Some believe that the doctors behind the curve, determining hyperactivity as a disease that requires medical treatment.

other, and including adults who have been hyperactive childhood, on the contrary, believe that the definition of what is still used - "treatment" or "correction";they believe that hyperactive children need the help of experts.While the company argues, doctors already have enough experience observing children with this diagnosis.

psychotropic nightmare

hyperactive children occurs due to deficiency in the body hormones dopamine and norepinephrine.As you know, it was in violation of the production of these active ingredients are known associated pathology such as schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease.Therefore, in countries that were at the forefront of the treatment of hyperactivity, began to use psychotropic drugs.First, amphetamine-type drugs.

During the Second World War, American pilots were given amphetamines to relieve fatigue and restore the function of sleep.Only later it became clear that amphetamines cause strong psychological dependence, pathological feeling of euphoria with paranoid delusions and hallucinations.

Of course, the use of these drugs in pediatric therapy caused a storm of protests.In the United States, where there is still hyperactive children treated with amphetamines, many physicians, scientists and teachers are naturally strongly opposed to any general treatment of hyperactive children.

No psychotropic!

Treatment of hyperactive children have completely different.Firstly, no amphetamine-type drugs have been reported.In pediatric treatment of ADHD are excluded completely.In domestic practice for the treatment of hyperactive children to use the drug, which is not psychoactive - atomoxetine (international name).Of course, like any drug, atomoxetine was not harmless caramel.

In the summary listed an extensive list of side effects that were observed in patients in clinical trials.Therefore, taking this drug, at least in the first few months it is performed under medical supervision.After 4 months of therapy achieved sustained effect, and then the parents are themselves able to control the situation.Perhaps even the abolition of the drug, for example, during the summer holidays.

Not only pills Our doctors are very cautious in the choice of treatment.It is very effective in the treatment or correction of ADHD used biofeedback (BFB).BOS does not replace medical treatment, but allows physicians to adjust the dose.And of course, any therapy complements the psychological care of the family, teachers and child psychologists.The school where the child spends most of the time, teachers must take into account features of behavior of hyperactive children.

For example, in the US, in the classroom, where many of the students, the teacher is required to use for a lesson distracting games.And we teachers often simply disparage hyperactive child for its endless comments.Therefore, says neurologist Marina Dorofeeva, "sending a child in the first class, you should choose not to school, and teachers."

Still diagnosis Diagnosis "ADHD" can put a doctor who is engaged in this form of the disorder.Methods of diagnosis is not perfect, but there is already a tool.It is generally a diagnostic test, which is filled with parents.In the case where the amount of points above 25, the doctor makes the decision to start or not to start treatment, and chooses the scheme of therapy.Be sure to take into account the state of concomitant neurotic character - tics, frequent blinking, sniff, and so on. N.

Still treat

Clinical experience shows that often the best friend going wild child with hyperactivity levels becomes a doctor.It was he who understands him best.Doctors children with characteristic expression talk about their problems.One boy complained to his doctor that no one wants to be friends with him.Peers ran from him because he is flirting so that exaltation did not notice as started to push or even pinching children.

Pope one patient, himself a former hyperactive child, begged the doctor to help his son, a teenager, because I remember how he himself was hard to cope with the internal "storm", anxiety, does not leave for a moment, with indomitable need to try everythingincluding drugs.Hyperactivity - is not just a motor, which does not allow a child to stand on the site peacefully.

In this state, there are other, more alarming manifestations.ADHD is always accompanied by a high level of anxiety.So often in teens can cause depression, hyperactivity.Many hyperactive children because of his boundless curiosity and desire to know everything and be in several places often fall into bad company, go through alcohol and drugs.

This is very dangerous, but due to the peculiarities of manifestation of his hyperactivity.Just as the fact that the lessons of these children often jump up from his seat and comment on the teacher.

Hyperactive talents

Hyperactive children are very talented, they have high intellectual abilities.They are not ordinary at all.If they are able to focus on something, then reach incredible success.Bill Gates, Einstein - the clearest example of a child with ADHD.

Hyperactive family

Children get their parents hyperactivity.From hyperactive children grow hyperactive adults.As the doctor says Marina Dorofeeva: "When I'm driving and I see someone constantly rearranged to one lane to another, then remember your little fidgets patients.As people age, of course, learn to control his hyperactivity, but some of the features they still remain fairly bright.These people, for example, change jobs frequently, they find it difficult to sit all day at work.And while they are quicker than others to achieve excellent results. "

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