Compatibility twin girls and twin Man horoscope

Gemini flock together, so many astrologers agree that these two intellectuals come out very harmonious couple.Compatibility Gemini-twins girls and guy can be, but that's how long their marriage will last, to predict very difficult.

Their relationship is not romance and passion, but at the same time it is the most quiet and not at all scandalous couple, because the representatives of the same sign to understand each other perfectly and are ready to forgive and to explain all the short-sighted actions of its second half.Compatibility twin girls and twin Man rests on an intellectual level, they can meet at some seminar, in a bookshop, library.In most cases, the relationship is already tied into adulthood, when both partners have experienced separation and divorce proceedings.

Love horoscope compatibility characterizes the relationship in a pair as friendly or calculating.Both are easier to imitate the feelings than to show his real "I".Gemini the twins live together as long as they are interested in each other.They constantly need fresh air in the form of new contacts, information, entertainment, travel.The pair needs a mediator, through which it will receive food for thought, for this reason, the husband and wife rarely spend their free time together, they usually invite the friends and relatives or themselves go to visit.

Two representatives of the air element lacks consistency, to which they aspire.For example, Leo and Gemini compatibility in this regard more harmonious, because the first is to control the impulses of the second and guide him on the right path."Air" marriage can be compared with a sand castle, which is capable of destroying in a moment.One partner must be a serious and stable, so it is a balancing halves so lacking steam.

Compatibility twin girls and twin Man can, if they learn to be teachers and students at the same time, will listen and talk, thus expanding their horizons.Partner in any case can not keep up in the mental development of the second half, so you need to always be on our toes and learn something new.Everything is relative, so the couple can both save the attachment for many years, becoming an exemplary family and leave, tired to cheat each other and mimic feelings.

Compatibility twin girls and twin Man is not so harmonious marriage as a partnership in the business.Together, they can come up with a lot of individual plans, except that it is recommended to take the command of the third partner, but not twins, because the general idleness can fill any job.Representatives of the air signs of the zodiac quickly make new acquaintances, to quickly go to the contact, which is important in business.They make good bosses because of their subordinates shortcomings they notice pretty quickly.Not the fact that the business relationship will last long, but they are all very promising.