Why the moon is different within a month

movement of the moon around the planet Earth in its orbit takes about a month.In addition, and it moves around its axis.This process takes a little more than 27 days.Since the orbital motion and rotation around its axis is done at the same time, the moon always faces the earth on one side.

itself the moon does not shine like the sun.Only it seems that it shines, but in fact it only reflects sunlight.As the moon moves around the planet, sunlight falls on different parts of it.This is the answer to the question: "Why the Moon is different?".Periodically, we see a fully illuminated by the moon's surface, and from time to time covered only part of it.Therefore it seems that the moon changes shape.But this is only the transformation of the world - phase, which suggests that we can see the different parts of it.

lunar phase, or why the moon is different

first phase of the moon - new moon.Her shining moment is between the Sun and Earth.This moon is not visible to us.Then comes the phase of the rising moon, in which her face is illuminated by sunlight.This part looks thin slice of the circle.

Very soon the Moon, which gets the sun, grows and becomes a semi-circle.It lasts as long as the moon reaches the last quarter, the cycle ends and begins again.

Earth and Moon

movement of the earth around its axis coincides with the rotation periods of the moon, or this is just the gravitational effects of the celestial body to another?The answer to this question is sought by many inquisitive minds.

established that still causes the gravity of the positions of celestial bodies.We all know what the tides that regularly occur in the oceans and raise the water for a few meters.

And the question "why the moon is different" has a simple answer: the Earth with the different parties in different ways exposed to the lunar attraction.The side, which is turned to the satellite more exposed than the reverse.

As a result, different portions of the Earth in the direction of moving side at different speeds.The surface, which is directed towards the moon, blown up, in the center of the Earth is less biased and quite the opposite surface is lagging behind, forming a hump.The Earth's crust are reluctant to change the shape and the tidal forces on the ground unnoticed.The sea was formed under the influence of satellite tidal humps on different sides of the planet.

As the rotation of the Earth to the Moon turns its different sides, as a result of the tidal bulge is also moving on its surface.That is why the moon is different.

Scientists estimate that a billion years ago the moon was located much closer to the Earth.At this time in the day was only 20 hours.Just a few days the moon was required to go around the Earth, so the tides are more pronounced.Over time, the inhibition of movement of the satellite, and through five billion years the Earth will rotate so slowly that she is turned to the moon is only one party, and he is only 9 days instead of 365. In the year of the Earth's satellite will make nine turnovers.Consequently, in the year is not 12 months like this, but only 9, and each will be only one day.