Compatibility Gemini female and male crabs.

Tandem Cancer-Gemini in living together will have hard times, they are very much different.Their union will be constantly on the brink of collapse, the day before they quietly made plans for the future, yesterday quarreled so it seemed, the future is no more, and now put up with such a passion that unites people simply do not find.Compatibility Gemini female and male crabs is possible but only if the search for common ground.

Representatives water element prefer living in the past, and it does not matter, it is proper or historical figures.Crawfish happy dream about old times, when brave knights went on a campaign to win the heart of a beautiful lady.Gemini can play along with this, because it's that, and their imagination is running at full power.The couple all perfectly smoothly until crossing the proprietary approach is one of freedom and second.That's when the horoscope compatibility may fail, and touchy Cancer climb back into his shell, and not the fact that the twins will entice him out.

These are two totally different signs are similar in one thing - they are often changing mood, and for this reason there is a majority of quarrels and skirmishes.The fast and fickle Mercury makes a woman is fun, then thoughtful, then nervous and full of sarcasm.The cycles of the moon exert their influence on the mood of the man: he was the only gay and jocular, as has already fallen into a state of rest and relaxation.Compatibility Gemini female and male crabs depends entirely on whether they can get out on the same wavelength.

At the same rhythm will pair well with each other, but if they stay on the waves of different frequency, there is a mutual help.They need to agree that she is in a bad mood, he would try to cheer her up when he was overcome by anxiety, it will calm and help.If one bad half, the second is to help in every way, and not exacerbate an already dire situation, or at least step aside until a more favorable moment.Rakov Compatibility with Gemini can not be called perfect, crises in the relationship from time to time will be felt, but the joint efforts of such adverse times can be reduced to a minimum.

relationship with money from different pairs.Gemini litter of the wind, but the crabs prefer to save for "rainy day".First like to go to restaurants, clubs, fun to spend time with friends, ever-changing environment.The second - the real homebody prefer homemade food.Compatibility Gemini female and male crabs is that only a woman can awaken in his chosen desire to have a party and relax with friends, take a trip.

Both signs are living in a dream world of dreams and fantasies, but if the air prefers to stay in reality, the water is transported back in time.The woman would be easy to persuade the man to travel, if there will be guided tours to the ruins, ancient historical and architectural monuments, because it unwittingly drawn to the past.Compatibility Gemini female and male crabs is possible but only under the condition that he will be able to adapt, and she will learn patience.