He - Libra, it - balance.

He - Libra, it - balance.Compatibility of such marks is different from many other signs unions.First you need to say that the older the person, the more they are wiser.

What is characteristic of them - so it is in doubt.Libra is fond of asking.It is necessary for them.Confer, discuss, contemplate.They can easily admit their own uncertainty.For them mean a lot moral principles, and they are unlikely to commit an act that is contrary to their views.If done - this is a huge mistake, which scales will long regret.

Speaking on the theme "He - Libra, it - balance - compatibility is possible?", We can say that this is pretty good, and a strong alliance.They will be comfortable with each other.However, if it came to a quarrel or dispute, they may come to nothing, because any conflict that arises between them will be resolved in a draw.If they both think they are right, they will defend their opinion until the end, is only one of them will give way to his second half because of heavenly love to her.It is worth noting that if someone observe this pair on the side is nothing not understand.The dispute two weights at all difficult to understand.

So, what else is said about such an alliance when he - Libra, she - Libra?Data compatibility characters so good due to the fact that they are very similar to each other.The most important thing for them - balance and harmony.However, they do not like monotony and constantly looking for adventure, or to change the situation.This gives them strength and energy.It is said that they sometimes need a rest from each other in peace and quiet, or the company of other people.

At the end of this topic even want to say something about this alliance, he - Libra, it - balance.Compatibility of such marks is successful, it can be said safely.However, even though they appear to be soft and calm people, it is not.One day a man Libra will show your character to the fullest.This may be caused by an event that greatly touches his soul.Both members of the Union "Libra Scale" know this feature of their partner and try to avoid situations that might annoy him.That is why they make excellent couples or friends.

And if he - Libra, she - Cancer, what it will be an alliance?Undoubtedly, good.These signs are capable of getting along with each other.Woman Cancer - romantic and sentimental nature, for which love is above all.A man Libra - a partner who is willing to give her all of your senses.However, there are some "buts".Libra - the individual, literally dying of loneliness and monotony.They love to go out, meet new people.A Crayfish - people home.However, if a woman would not be opposed to her chosen one spent time in such a way, the Union received terrific.

How will the relations, if he - Libra, she - Leo?This couple should consider more closely.These are completely different people.However, they are interested in a partner is its uniqueness for each other.And if they realize that their happiness - their opposites, the union of these people will last a very long time.However everyone will have to change something in yourself.For example, scales do not like when people are too high opinion of himself - and this is typical of Lviv.Those like to criticize, but Libra is very sensitive to criticism if it is unfounded.