Trees on the signs of the Zodiac.

Trees Zodiac signs once distributed Druids who came, according to some assumptions, from India to Scandinavia with the Phoenician sailors.On the Eastern origin of these "wizards" indicates that they have made quite a closed caste, who have knowledge of herbal medicine, the preparation of poisons and antidotes, worshiped trees.In addition, the knowledge they have gathered, concerned flowers and trees growing in different climatic zones of the world.

must say that the trees for signs of the zodiac in a horoscope of druids in their characteristics are distributed fairly accurately.Total zodiac contains twenty-two plants, of which eighteen have two active period of human exposure to 9-10 days.For example, lime patron born in periods of 11-20 March and 13-23 September.A four trees - olive, birch, beech and oak - one day.At the same time the date of the impact of oak (the chief deity, according to the Druids) falls on the spring equinox (March 21).

Tree Zodiac sign can be selected for each day of the year.For example, people born under the sign of Cancer, have several plants patrons.Those born on June 22 and 23, are on a horoscope figs.They are delicate, sensitive, tied to the family, diligent, but it can not tolerate the difficult moments of life.They love stability, possess a business vein that brings them and their families the "fruits".

born at the summer solstice (June 24) - Birch - light, well-adaptable people, elegant and modest at the same time.They are unsociable and tend to live in nature.For a complete happiness they need a little: the native people and a good library.They are absolutely not attracted to secular life and contact with senior people.

From June 25 to July 4 in the horoscope of the Druids "hosts" Apple, which gives birth in this period sentimental, some simple and great curiosity.Almost all the books relating to its sphere of activity, will be obliged to read.Easy and willing to share with those in need, rarely has a high growth, but has a wonderful analytical mind.

If your zodiac sign Cancer, wood patron for the period 5-14 July - a fir.A person born in one of these days, can be cold, distant, capricious.She loves antiques, demanding, taciturn and intractable, but smart, down to the level of scientists, and is able to achieve their goals.People-Fir noble by nature, conscientious and meticulous.They can always rely on.

Trees Zodiac signs are also represented in Cancer Elm (July 15-22).This tall, slender figures, dress simply and conveniently.They do not like to complicate their lives and others, but slow and prone to lecture.They believe in the goodness of people, generous, loyal, like lead and able to do it.Elm - a realist, often with the "golden" hands.

remaining trees for signs of the zodiac are no less interesting characteristics.So somehow we advise to read at your leisure horoscope Druids and find out about yourself something new.