PayPal payment system in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: reviews

electronic payment terminals over the past few years have proliferated around the world.But not all of them are as popular as the payment system PayPal.What is it, you will learn from this article.


payment system PayPal was established in 1999 by Max Levchev from Kiev, who had emigrated to the United States.This method of electronic payments, with which you can transfer funds to other accounts, to pay for goods and services online and withdraw money to your bank account.The system also provides a number of additional services ranging from mobile payments to the creation of a virtual terminal on the site.Today it has 164 million users around the world that have successfully serviced in 200 branches and can convert e-money in 26 different currencies.

Account opening and linking maps

Logging in free.First, the user must select one, and three types of accounts: "Personal", "Premium" or the "Business".The purpose of each is clear from the title.Through the "Personal Account" individuals can pay for their purchases in shops."Premium" is recommended that sellers with a small turnover to get paid for the goods.Account "Business" offers great opportunities for large companies.Individuals need to register to include your e-mail, password, nationality, address and telephone number, and legal entities - information about the company.

next step - the attachment of a credit card type Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express Account.During this procedure, the account will be charged $ 1.95, and three days after checking the relevance of cardholder data and user data will be returned the money to the account.During the operation, the system generates a special code that must be entered in the account profile.After three failed attempts the card will be rejected.To re-binding procedure card to the account will have to contact the site.After registration, users will get access to the service.The functionality of the system is different for each country.

PayPal in Russia: prospects and problems of development

payment system PayPal in Russia from September 17, 2013 began working with rubles.Now the Russians pay for purchases at the online store through PayPal need only specify the account number and choose debit: a card or a virtual account.Users can conduct transactions between accounts and withdraw the Russian currency at the map any local bank.Now it's Russian stores.The faster they will connect the service to their sites, the more transactions will take place through PayPal.The company's representatives are negotiating with several large Russian Internet shops on the implementation of the system.

However, users still have problems.Perhaps the only service where the security service responds quickly to reports of an erroneous translation, - the payment system PayPal.User reviews confirm this.The Internet even has detailed instructions on joining the card to withdraw funds.It is very important during the procedure bindings map to indicate the BIC of the regional bank.Further guidance to the action of a user receives e-mail.

payment system PayPal - it is primarily the possibility of making electronic payments.Although the administration of the site is taking all steps to improve the safety of transfers, complaints about unauthorized access to your account is still there.There are complaints that some time after the purchase sms start to come out of the bank with information on withdrawals from the card which has been connected to the virtual account.In such cases, immediately opened a debate marked unauthorized transaction.In this type of message security service PayPal has quickly responds.

Belorussia - a new market segment

17.06.2014 add to the list of services.The payment system PayPal in Belorussia now allows users to make payments not only via bank account linked to the card, but also through the electronic money in the account.Legal persons will be able to use electronic money as soon as any Belarusian bank assumes the obligation to repay the electronic money issued by PayPal.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud

This news delighted not only to account holders, but the scammers.They are sent by e-mail message purporting to be from PayPal administration officials to immediately update the data in the payment system.Clicking the link of the letter and its input data, the user will automatically lose access to your account and money.In order not to fall for these tricks, you need to look carefully at the address of the sender.E-mail security service service ends with "@".

In the meantime, users actively discussed the question of how to link the card and MTBank BPSsberbank to your account on the system.Only two options: to wait for the bank to activate this option, or use the Russian account.Until recently, owners of the virtual accounts of Belarus in their accounts as the country of origin indicated Russia.

What to expect the Ukrainians

payment system PayPal in Ukraine has a number of limitations.The most important of these is that the Ukrainians can not withdraw money to his bank card.The fact that the service has not yet received the license in Ukraine.According to Jonathan Romli, Vice-President campaign Avarla, which helps global brands to develop the market of Ukraine, the service should not hurry with the launch of the territory of Ukraine.And it is not just in licensing."Privatbank" controls half the market for such services.If he does not want to work with PayPal, the service will automatically lose a huge market share.But the competition is not always an obstacle to market development.For example, in Russia "Yandek.Dengi" have not prevented PayPal infiltrate the market.

Opening an account and withdrawal of funds for the Ukrainians

often possible to meet Council to open an account on the system immediately in dollars, even if you need to make a purchase in a Chinese online store.If you need to return the money to his account, will have to first convert them into dollars, and then later through intermediaries display on the map.Residents of Ukraine is trying to solve the problem of withdrawal of funds as well as in its time the Belarusians: Order Payoneer card with a US bank account, but registration on the Ukrainian passport, and then the card attached to an account with PayPal.Those who do not want to wait 3 months card or risk their money in this way, use the services of numerous intermediaries, which convert money into WMZ - equivalent of dollars in the payment system Webmoney.

Buy on eBay - are paying through PayPal

In 2002, the payment system foreclosure auction eBay for $ 1.5 billion.Most of the shopping is done online through PayPal.The Commission will be charged with the buyer and the seller will pay for the transaction 2,4-3,4% + $ 0.3.However, users with the CIS countries are often problems.For example, if the seller does not have a way to deliver the goods to a specific country (Ukraine), the terminal will not allow the buyer to make the transaction.And here is an example of another situation.Most residents of the CIS countries use middlemen to register for the auction, which provide their services for payment and delivery of goods.To avoid paying an additional fee for a money transfer, users are registered on the auction site with the delivery address in the United States and trying to pay for the goods account of the citizen of Ukraine.Such transactions also block system.Outputs are two: the intermediary to pay a commission to the payments passed through his account, or ask the seller to put the invoice with delivery to Ukraine and to agree to any shipping charges.The second option has a purse is much more than the first.